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The Mayor who orders the trapping of cats by hunters...

The Mayor who orders the trapping of cats by hunters...

Mis à jour le 19 November 2018

Tackling the problem of stray cats by employing the services of hunters to trap them is the solution chosen by the Mayor of Técou. One Voice strongly condemns this municipal decree and appeals to the judge for summary proceedings. In parallel, we propose a partnership to the Mayor to proceed with a program of sterilization and identification of these stray cats in the municipality.

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Editorial extract from Monday, October 22nd, 2018

We won the showdown against the Mayor of Técou, he repealed his decree on Friday, just before the weekend. But he does not inform the court or us, the hearing was however today Monday! And what do we discover over the market? That he goes to court against the association by claiming that his decree was well-founded, and claims 1500 € costs ... to the detriment of the animals we defend.

We won the arm-wrestling contest against the Mayor of Técou, he repealed the order on Friday, just before the weekend. But he informed neither the court, nor us, the audience was nevertheless today on Monday! And what did we discover into the bargain? That he goes to the court of justice against our association by claiming that his order was well-founded and he demands 1500€ of expenses to the detriment of the animals which we defend.

Having fun making illegal orders that harm cats and their human families, and then repealing them only to keep his claims in court. He is wasting the courts precious time and also that of One Voice! What a masquerade!

Editorial extract from Tuesday, October 23nd, 2018

The Mayor was denied his request. Our proposal for help and partnership is now more relevant than ever. 

It is not good to be a cat and have the desire to take a walk on the pathways of Lizes de Gineste. By signing a decree on October 13th, the Mayor decided, as if the violence towards the life of stray cats was not enough, to engage hunters to trap them and "rid" his town of Técou in the Tarn of them. Obviously, the urgency of stray cats in his city was such that he forgot many legal points (delays, identification, ...).

The municipal councillor did not need to look too far to find his mercenaries, members of the local hunting society are already in action and geared up for these deadly safaris. The problem of stray cats is extremely important in our country, but it will not be solved by trapping, euthanasia, or by engaging hunters to attack cats! 

Since last Wednesday, this militia, between two massacres of the wildlife already, thus continues to scatter their traps in this corner of Southern France against this ferocious feline horde - if not enough – it seems to be breaking out everywhere in this territory.

The mayor responded to some of his citizens who are horrified by this decree, that after 48 hours in the pound, the animals would be given to the Garric SPA. Unfortunately for him, they said that they had not even been informed and that they could not take care of cats with no agreement and with no means to accommodate them.

The "sheriff" of Técou forgets that "These animals can only be impounded if in accordance with the program of identification and sterilization on site as stipulated by the rural code and sea fishing”. It is evident that this elected official has an unfortunate tendency to forget the law, and in complete disregard for the lives of these poor cats. We are making a point of reminding him.

We seize the judge of the administrative court of Toulouse to immediately stop the trapping and the resulting slaughter considering the situation. We ask the mayor to suspend his bylaw and we propose to him to set up a partnership between One Voice and the local association AGSA that deals with stray cats. We want to carry out the identification and sterilization of homeless cats from Técou at our expense.

Daniel Ellezam
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Gisèle | Saturday 24 November 2018

Les chats tuent malheureusement beaucoup de petits animaux (souris, musaraignes, lapins, lézards etc ..) et beaucoup d'oiseaux. J'ai moi-même recueilli une vingtaine de chats errants qui ont tous vécu dans la maison avec accès dans un enclos extérieur, ce qui permet de protéger les nombreux oiseaux et autres petits animaux qui vivent dans le jardin.
Il est indispensable de stériliser les chats pour éviter leur prolifération engendrant une vie de misère (faim, maladies, etc ...) mais aussi pour sauvegarder toute la petite faune sauvage ainsi que les oiseaux.

nath | Friday 16 November 2018

et oui!.. les chasseurs ne sont pas tous des écologistes.

Jacqueline | Friday 02 November 2018

Les chats domestiques sont un énorme défis pour la sauvegarde de la biodiversité; nous nous plaignions de la raréfaction des batraciens, des lézards, des oiseaux , etc, et dans le même temps, nous aidons une espèce exotique sous notre entière responsabilité, à pulluler et faire ces massacres honteux ... Comme si les pesticides que nous répandons dans nos campagne, ne suffisaient pas à en venir à bout, nous aidons ces massacres aussi dans nos villes ... La stérilisation de tous les chats domestiques, à l'exception de quelques élevages agréés, doit être rapidement réglementée et rendue obligatoire, pour la sauvegarde du peu qui nous reste de notre environnement (lequel en 40 ans, rappelons le, à déjà perdu 60 à 70% de sa faune, selon plusieurs études scientifiques toutes récentes).

Corinne Lefèvre-Cagnat | Wednesday 31 October 2018

Serait-ce une copie du drame qui se joue en Australie?