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The link: finally on the political map!

The link: finally on the political map!

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We would like to thank the Members of Parliament Francis Hillmeyer and Laurence Abeille! Finally, thanks to their efforts, the 'Link' issue raised by One Voice has been brought to the attention of the French Government… A crucial first step in our fight against all violence.

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Since 2007, One Voice has been working on the Link issue: the correlation between domestic violence and animal abuse.

In 2016 several blatant cases of this have already come to court:

  • In February, in a fit of anger against his partner, a man set fire to her cat, Griffin, and threw him out of a window. He received a prison sentence and is banned for life from keeping animals!
  • In March, the owner of the little dog Lea was convicted of sexual violence towards her, having already been charged as a paedophile. He received a jail sentence.
  • In April, 4 year old Matheo's executioner was sentenced, having cut him up alive and thrown him to the dogs on the Island of Réunion. He had a history of violence, having already decapitated a dog and gutted pigs. He received a life sentence.
  • In May, the mother of a small 4 year old boy was judged with child neglect and maltreatment of animals. Her son, who had been crying for help, was found alone in an apartment with the bodies of a dog and two cats… She received a conditional prison sentence in the first instance.

These cases are dreadful, but sadly demonstrate the non-discriminatory nature of violence, carried out regardless of the victim …

On the 3 rd of May 2016, Francis Hillmeyer, MP, from the Haut-Rhin region, together with Laurence Abeille, MP, from the Val-de-Marne region put forward the following parliamentary proposal:

Numerous studies prove the existence of the Link between violence committed towards animals and that committed towards humans – an individual who has exhibited violent behaviour towards an animal being more likely to be violent towards his or her fellow man – Francis Hillmeyer would like to draw the Minister of Justice's attention to One Voice's proposals, who campaign for the penal law response to be directly related to the type of violence committed, independent of whether the victim is human or animal. It also requests a response to its proposal to attribute a dedicated prosecutor in each public prosecutor's office to handle violence against animals or humans, and to systematically address the complaints for violence against animals.

One Voice is delighted with this parliamentary address, representing the initiation of great change in our society. This fundamental evolution concerns all animals, whatever their species!

Support our proposal, sign and share the petition!

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wettlé | Wednesday 28 December 2016

Il est évident que les violences faites aux animaux aient un lien avec celles faites envers des humains, l'un ne va pas sans l'autre et les animaux sont tous des êtres sensibles, intelligents, des êtres vivants, ils ont des émotions, raisons pour laquelle nous devons exiger les mêmes condamnations, les mêmes peines d'emprisonnement en cas de maltraitance et cruauté envers eux tout comme pour les humains et il ne doit pas y avoir de différence, car la vie animale a autant de valeur et d'importance que la vie humaine et il n'est donc question en rien de "supériorité" des humains.