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The horror of fur farms in Europe!

The horror of fur farms in Europe!

Mis à jour le 08 March 2018

The Czech organisation Animal Defenders, One Voice’s partner in the global coalition Fur Free Alliance, has launched a campaign following the release of two staggering videos on the 27th of March.

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The European fur industry's official line regarding the care lavished on these animals is now severely discredited. An incredible film investigation has been led by Animal Defenders and its president Marek Vorsilka, resulting in two videos. The first one documents the killing of a silver fox: roughly dragged out of its hutch, then hung by its paws and subjected to a sordid and mismanaged anal electrocution. The screams and the desperate movements of the animal during the whole procedure, as well as the executioner's indifference, make us shudder. A lack of respect for animal life is well recompensed in the fur industry…

The second film produced by Animal Defenders sends a shiver up the spine. In this film the camera shows how minks transported in barred cages are shoved into a kind of wooden trailer towed by a mini-tractor. Pipes linking the tractor to the trailer can be clearly seen, which will serve to suffocate the ten minks who are locked inside this teenager driven 'tourist train' with the tractor exhaust fumes. This vile gas chamber method is unworthy of the 21 st Century…

According to industry published figures on this EU member country, ten farms exported 20,000 mink and fox skins for a turnover of 5 million euros in 2015. In a few weeks, the Czech parliament will announce whether it is for or against the banning of such practices on its soil, a vote desired by 70% of Czechs. However, the vote risks being unfavourable because of the ANO, a young party led by a liberal Europhobe and magnate entrepreneur, Andrej Babiš. Animal Defenders has launched a petition. One Voice fully supports this appeal and asks you to please like and share these informative videos. From Prague to Paris, cruelty is still cruelty, a lie is still a lie… Enough!

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ba&sh’s animal welfare policy recognised by the Fur Free Retailer programme Fur: more than 1,500,000 signatures to put an end to this industry in Europe!

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Siff | Friday 29 December 2017

Arrêtons de stigmatiser avec des "riches" sans scrupule et des "pauvres" vertueux..... La cause animale est plus un respect moral que tout le monde doit avoir vis à vis des êtres vivants quels qu'ils soient. Nous n'avons nous homme aucun droit sur le monde animal et encore moins le droit de les tuer ou les torturer. Unissons nous, les défenseurs de la cause animale et montrons autour de nous la souffrance animales des fermes d'élevage pour la fourrure mais aussi celle pour la viande et pour toutes celles où les conditions de vie des animaux ressemblent à l'univers des camps de concentration. Agissons avec des regroupements devant les magasins de fourrure, devant les abattoirs, devant des élevages pour augmenter la prise de conscience des gens. Puisque c'est moral, nous gagnerons ce combat, c'est une évidence pour moi mais agissons ensemble, le nombre fait loi bien souvent.

Wolf | Saturday 02 September 2017

L'homme et la société de consommation sont les poisons de ce monde.

swe-ty | Saturday 03 June 2017

Je suis pour que la souffrance cesse à tous niveaux et la fourrure n'est pas indispensable pour que l'humain vive donc je signe la pétition.

lilas bleu | Tuesday 09 May 2017

Oui je vote enfin d'arrêter ce massacre d'animaux à cause de sa fourrure. C'est une vie !! À part entière !