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The heart-breaking agony of the lion Cecil

The heart-breaking agony of the lion Cecil

Mis à jour le 11 June 2018

The lion Cecil would have endured terrible suffering for at least ten hours before succumbing to an eventual death. This is revealed in a recent survey. The atrocious death of this great charismatic beast, cowardly assassinated by Walter Palmer in 2015, makes us take into account the horror and sadistic pleasure of trophy hunting. One Voice denounces the cruelty of this practice.

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More is now known about the murder of Cecil by the dentist Walter Palmer. Andrew Loveridge, the zoologist who had been studying this lion with his black-mane for eight years, had conducted a thorough investigation to clarify the circumstances of this tragedy in July 2015 in Zimbabwe. In his book Lion Hearted (Regan Arts, April 2018), which National Geographic has just published extracts, he reports on the established facts and testimonials that help unravel the truth from the false.

The truth about the events

At the time of the event, it had been reported in the media that Cecil had probably suffered for almost 40 hours. For Andrew Loveridge, this statement cannot be possible, because the thoracic injury caused by the first arrow was so severe that it would not have permitted this poor male lion to have survived for too long. In contrast, the specialist is conclusive: his friend this great wild beast had experienced a real ordeal, during that fateful night where a wealthy American took pleasure in massacring him.

An endless torture

The GPS data from Cecil's collar, as well as the confession of Cornelius, one of the main protagonists in this tragedy, make it possible to assert that the animal suffered between ten and twelve hours after the firing of the initial arrow that evening. Failing to reach his vital organs, the tip of the arrow had mortally touched and disabled him. Unable to move more than 350 meters, the panting lion tried to fight against choking and struggled to breathe until morning. It was only at around 9 am that his assassins would have resolved to administer the coup de grace. Why did Palmer not finish it earlier? Obviously because this individual seems devoid of any sensitivity. And then, as among all trophy hunters, they like the corpses to be "clean". The less arrows (or bullets) are fired the better, the less the skin is damaged ... It has always been more chic when displayed in the living room and to boast of their "great achievement".

Stop this relentlessness

And what an achievement! In the case of Cecil's murder, it was proved that this handsome male lion, accustomed to humans, and therefore not shy, was deliberately lured by poachers out of the national park with an elephant carcass. To trap him in this way, by disregarding the regulations, and while he was feeding without suspicion, thus increasing their bravery ...

They are unfortunately not the only ones to see such methods like this as the pinnacle of heroism. The "Walter Palmer’s" are widespread. As the emblem of Zimbabwe's Hwange Park, Cecil was world famous. His death thus made headlines and would be denounced everywhere. But many of his fellow congeners, less famous, suffer the same fate each year and go out in silence. For a few bundles of dollars, wealthy lovers of blood and suffering arrange with quotas and laws to transform into morbid objects the last representatives of a declining people. Because yes, remember, now the fallen monarchs of the African savannah, the lions are on the verge of extinction. More than ever, One Voice is working with them. With us, say no to cruelty!

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trochu | Sunday 01 April 2018

Je tiens à dire toute ma profonde et très grande tristesse lorsque j'ai appris la mort de "CECIL", j'en ai pleuré et pleuré et n'ai pas honte de dire toute ma douleur, toute ma souffrance qui m'ont suivi longtemps, ne comprenant pas comment l'on peut prendre plaisir à tuer d'autres ETRES VIVANTS QUE SONT LES ANIMAUX, comment peut-on de toute froideur, de toute indifférence et de toute insensibilité et cruauté inacceptables, leur enlever la vie alors qu'ils sont tous pacifiques, très sensibles, intelligents et ne demandent qu'à VIVRE ET VIVRE et non MOURIR comme nous tous, qu'ils ne demandent qu'à ETRE LIBRES, RESPECTES, CONSIDERES et VIVRE EN PAIX AUPRES DES LEURS comme nous tous aussi. Je n'admets pas et refuse que les habitants majestueux de ces endroits, comme tous les autres animaux sauvages soient chassés, traqués et tués "juste pour le plaisir" d'individus vides de toute vie, vides de sensibilité, vides de compassion, vides de respect de la vie animale envers les animaux mais avides de pouvoir, de toute puissance et de supériorité et se sentant forts avec leurs fusils".
Que faut-il donc à la population, au gouvernement afin qu'ils réagissent et agissent dans l'urgence pour interdire définitivement toutes ces chasses ignobles, immondes, scandaleuses et INACCEPTABLES d'animaux sauvages, qui, de plus sont menacés de disparaître. Je suis à chaque fois très affectée et très bouleversée lorsque j'apprends la mort ou les morts d'animaux quels qu'ils soient dont les responsables et coupables sont des humains je le vis très très mal car les animaux sont à mes yeux et dans mon coeur, bien plus intelligents, plus sensibles, plus intelligents et authentiques que grand nombre d'humains, ils sont mes frères et je pleure mes frères.........

goldiepuppchen | Friday 23 March 2018

La planète est à nous et à eux : partageons-la ! Et comme disait M. Yourcenar "l'animal ne possède rien sauf sa vie que bien souvent on lui prend" ! J'ai 70 ans et je constate que mes "successeurs" ne méritent pas d'avoir une belle vie tant qu'ils ne respectent pas le monde animal qui, lui, est inncocent !

Chabla | Thursday 22 March 2018

Que dire sur les atrocités de certains humains, je me demande si ce n'est pas de pire en pire, en tous cas les animaux paient un lourd tribu dans ce monde d'aujourd'hui ????

Tiphaine | Thursday 22 March 2018

J'en ai marre de lire des trucs pareils...