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The government refuses to make hunting safe: we are launching a legal attack on them

The government refuses to make hunting safe: we are launching a legal attack on them

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Every year, 45 million animals fall victim to hunters’ bullets, as well as the human victims. Since 2003, more than 400 people have lost their lives, to which are also added hundreds who have been injured. Three months ago, we formally requested that the Minister for the Ecological Transition acts. Despite our repeated alerts, authorities continue to do nothing and have completely ignored our request. Because this moral ‘hobby’ more than ever represents a threat for animals and humans, along with victims’ families, we are launching a legal attack on the State. Our plea has been filed before the State Council.

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The government and hunting: lies and inaction

A few months ago, the State Secretary for Ecology announced with his hand on his heart that from then on, hunting under the influence of alcohol would be banned, following the limits for road safety. All of this was nothing but a big joke: in the end, it would only be being ‘visibly’ drunk that would be banned! In other words, as long as they are not staggering around, hunters can continue to shoot wildly in forests... Under these conditions, it is difficult to be reassured.

Faced with these small measures that are inadequate for the scale of the problem, two months ago, we formally requested that the Minister for the Ecological Transition take the necessary measures to limit the risk of accidents. It is no great surprise that he did not even bother to respond to our letter. Yet more proof of the contempt that he brings to all those who simply want to benefit from nature without massacring animals, and to the 87% of French people who believe that hunting poses safety issues.

The countryside does not belong to hunters and must no longer be regarded as their playing field. Animals have a right to live here without fear and families have the right to benefit from it without risks. We have therefore filed a plea at the State Council against this culpable silence, and so that effective measures will finally be taken.

Semi-automatic weapons and expansive bullets

The report that we ordered from an expert in weaponry and ballistics, which was used in developing our plea, is final: today, hunters have an almost military arsenal at their disposal to practise their ‘hobby’.

In 2013, the government legalised ‘30-06 Springfield’ ammunition, previously reserved for military use, which can be loaded into rifles with a range of more than 3 kilometres. In addition to these bullets is ‘expansive’ ammunition, which rips the animal open causing maximum suffering and damage. And what about sighting instruments and other gadgets that can be purchased on the internet without ever having been regulated by a professional...?

A more than incomplete regulation

Armed to the teeth, hunters are not subjected to any sight or hearing tests, beyond a ‘medical certificate’ at the time of obtaining a licence. In 2022, hunting accidents were caused by shooters over 80 years old. When it comes to young people, who can hunt between 15 and 16 years old without having passed the farce that is a hunting licence, they are subject to absolutely no tests.

Why are they so stubborn in refusing any medical examinations? This stubbornness is all the more incomprehensible given that those practising sports shooting have to have a check by a doctor every year...

Our concrete and effective solutions to limit the risks!

The reforms to be implemented urgently are therefore clearly identified. We are solemnly asking the government in particular for:

  • a ban on hunting on Sundays, bank holidays, and during the school holidays;
  • a strict ban on hunting being carried out under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • to reinforce checks on hunters’ physical fitness;
  • to reinforce the hunting licence exam;
  • to ban the use of certain weapons and ammunition in hunting;
  • to make checks by an expert on sighting instruments obligatory.

To push the State to act, beyond legal actions, we need you more than ever! Sign our petition to demand a radical reform on hunting!

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

Maxime Lambret
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Zanimo | Tuesday 24 October 2023

PIF (Pouvoir - Injustice - Fric), nouvelle bannière ! Favoriser ce qu’il y a de pire pour soutenir ou asservir … mais du pain (un peu et du mauvais) et des jeux (jusqu’à l’indigestion) ! Dormez braves gens, votre tour est déjà programmé ! Et si les animaux nous survivaient … peut-être croire à un autre avenir.

Minoute | Monday 23 October 2023

Oui la chasse est dangereuse aussi pour les humains.
Il y a quelques jours, j'ai pris des plombs devant ma maison, en fin de matinée.
Cela c'était produit il y environ 4 ans, au fond de mon jardin, la gendarmerie n'a pas voulu que je l'écrive sur la main courante, me disant "si ça se reproduit, vous nous appelez" .
Pour le profit de quelques uns, on détruit la faune, on s'approprie la nature, on ose écrire : chasseur/protecteur !
Quelle honte.
La France civilisée ? pauvre France...
et quel président...

Leeloo | Saturday 21 October 2023

Réformer la chasse puisqu'on n'arrivera pas à l'interdire ??
En tout cas pas de mon vivant !!
Il faut faire passer la sécurité et la santé des français avant 1 Lobby morbide et hyper-dangereux pour la Population - c'est le minimum !!
Il faut saisir le Conseil d'Etat et la Cour Européenne et qu'au moins la France respecte les directives européennes en matière de chasse et la loi sur la maltraitance animale sous peine de sanctions...

Anne-Marie | Friday 20 October 2023

La chasse dans toutes ces formes doivent être définitivement interdite et passible de la peine de mort. Pourquoi 2 poids 2 mesures, nous faisons tous partie de la même planète et pourquoi faire subir aux uns ce que nous n'acceptons pas pour les autres ?