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The family of the orca Lolita is dying!

The family of the orca Lolita is dying!

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Emergency for Lolita's family! While the orca vegetates in a pool, its tribe disappears because of the dolphinaria’s and dams.

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They are relatives, cousins, friends of the orca Lolita ... They saw her birth. She was wrenched away with the cries of pain when she was only four years old and is now vegetating in an American pool. Many of her brothers and sisters suffered the same fate: 47 of them were captured in a bloodbath to fill the dolphinaria’s. Today, prisoners or free, all members of Lolita's family are in critical danger.

Captivity or famine

While the sequestered killer whales endure the worst physical and mental suffering far from their own, while their torturers claim with formidable hypocrisy that this act is for the protection of endangered species, we can see the reality of this: this small community of killer whale’s residents of the South dies without a care from the dolphinarium management! They account for only 76 individuals in the wild, including about 30 breeders ... Where are their so-called "ex-situ conservation plans now"?

Over fishing is already responsible for their disappearance and adds to the famine. The Lolita tribe is dying because of the depletion of wild salmon constituting 50% of its diet. Four dams on the lower reaches of Snake River in Washington State is blocking fish passage and prevents them from spawning. Thousands of them also perish when the water level of the rivers or reservoirs becomes too high in the summer.

One Voice calls for the opening up of these dams

On the spot, the Damsense coalition (gathering together fishermen, engineers, families, companies ...) demands in a petition the destruction of these obsolete, useless, expensive and devastating dams. In the meantime, they stress that boring out holes in them would already limit the damage. Making openings would bring several millions of fish back to the Columbia Basin giving them and the orcas a chance to recover. A quick and effective solution that could be implemented as early as 2018 if Senator Murray and Governor Inslee support it.

One Voice invites you to sign this petition to obtain the immediate break-up of the dams and try to save Lolita's family. Please sign and share the petition.

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The court prohibit Marineland from relocating the orcas before the end of the independent assessment Marineland: One Voice has obtained a temporary ban on moving the orcas - hearing on 16/01/2024

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nana | Saturday 15 December 2018

je trouve ça nul pour l'orque lolita en sachant que nous connaissons son pôle de famille je trouve pas ça humain de pas la liberer et en sachant surtout que le delphinarium de Miami ne respecte pas les normes en réglementation des bassins c'est scandaleux :::( et en plus c'est que nos gentils orques n'arrivent meme plus à se nourrir normalement dû aux barrages de saumons pour mieux le servir dans les assiettes je crie au double scandale :0

Brigitte | Wednesday 11 April 2018


m0rwen_83 | Sunday 08 April 2018

À signer de toute urgence !!! | Sunday 08 April 2018

Laissons vivre lolita et sa petite famille