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The Council of Europe supports the end of pyrogen testing on rabbits

The Council of Europe supports the end of pyrogen testing on rabbits

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More than twenty years after the creation of in vitro alternatives to these tests and more than fifteen years after their approval, rabbits are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel: pyrogen tests will soon be ancient history in Europe. A decision that will be discussed in detail at a conference being held in mid-February in Brussels. But the data that we have collected shows that France is still refusing this progress. One Voice condemns the inaction of public authorities.

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« Not only do tens of thousands of rabbits suffer for tests for which alternatives exist, but, additionally, laboratories mislead the public by telling them that between experiments, rabbits move around ‘freely’ when they hardly have space to move. The same rabbits that die without knowing the feel of soft grass or sunshine. »
Muriel Arnal, President of One Voice

Pyrogen tests consist of injecting a substance into rabbits’ ears and measuring the onset of fever before slaughtering them. From 14 to 16 February 2023, European authorities have organised a conference for industrialists and public authorities. The purpose? To promote and support the end of the use of rabbits and them being replaces with in vitro alternatives carried out on human blood components: Monocyte Activation Tests (MAT).

While replacing these protocols with non-animal alternatives has been possible for around fifteen years, they have not been implemented. French researchers have shown to be particularly unwilling, using and even killing more and more rabbits between 2015 and 2019 for these tests while, at the same time, other countries are reducing the use of them. Progress which reflects the continued increase in the number of rabbits exploited in French laboratories and the suffering that they endure there, all uses combined.

Illegal pyrogenicity tests from 2015-2019       France		Rest of the EU Rabbits: number of uses declared during the 2015-2020 period       New animals	    Reused animals

France is persisting and signing

And this is not the end: last year, the Ministry of Research published a project based on ALURES European data which predicts the use of almost 40,000 rabbits in five years for pyrogen tests. But the summary reassures us: they can “move freely around the whole cage”... a metal cage in which they can hardly turn around.

Due to the suffering that it causes, the Rural Code plans to limit animal testing to cases of “strict necessity”. Are industrial interests considered as such? The Council of Europe conference will perhaps provide some answers...

The public is waiting for true engagement

The development of the European Pharmacopoeia resonates with recent European and international news. In fact, at the end of December, the United States have passed a law approving medications being put on the market without having to use tests on animals: a great step forward, which opens the way to the development and application of alternative methods. And at the end of January, more than 1.2 million signatures were submitted for the “Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics” European Citizens’ Initiative. 2023 therefore promises to be important in the fight against laboratories exploiting animals.

Do not hesitate to consult our website dedicated to the figures and to recently authorised experiments.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Muriel2018 | Thursday 16 February 2023

Ouf ! Presque temps !

Béa | Sunday 12 February 2023

FRANCE pays de toutes les permissivités ignobles envers les animaux, FRANCE pays en recul, FRANCE pays dont la démocratie vacille...De nombreux pays européens ont pris des décisions importantes afin de réduire la terreur et la souffrance des animaux....sauf LA FRANCE !!! HONTE A CE GOUVERNEMENT qui ne fait qu'accorder toujours plus de crédit aux personnes cruelles en tout genre....La Justice sensée défendre les animaux en est un exemple en appliquant que très rarement les lois en vigueur !!!

pouguy | Thursday 09 February 2023

C'est pas trop tôt, maintenant est-ce que ça sera respecté ? C'est pas si sûr !

trochu | Thursday 09 February 2023

La France devrait avoir plus que honte et honte, en partant de notre gouvernement jusqu'à tous ces chercheurs ignobles et immondes qui refusent une recherche médicale sans plus aucune expérience sur les animaux encore en 2023. Il est à espérer que le Conseil de l'Europe ainsi que toutes les associations de protection et défense des animaux, parviendront à faire plier ce pays qui n'a plus rien de grand ni de beau, il ne faut pas lâcher, c'est déjà un bon début pour ces pauvres lapins, tous tests quels qu'ils soient sur des animaux doivent être dénoncés toujours plus haut et fort, les méthodes alternatives doivent les remplacer, c'est urgent et capital.