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Stray cats are a tragedy not inevitability

The life of stray cats is a daily drama. They are there on our doorstep ever more numerous than before, suffering all evils and undergoing the worst of them: mass slaughter, violence of all kinds, as well as hunger, cold, thirst and diseases. For them, One Voice is launching a new campaign calling for a national emergency plan! Sign our petition.

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Millions of cats without a family

How many are there really? Populating our streets and our countryside, thin, hungry, sick ... The latest figures, dating from 2016, report 11 million stray cats, almost as many as cats in families according to the number that was estimated that same year to be 13.48 million. The refuges are overflowing and the impound facilities slaughter relentlessly. Because we cannot call these mass exterminations implemented in some communes "euthanasia"! Euthanasia, by definition, is an act to relieve the suffering of a being without hope of healing, and certainly not a killing of a healthy animal for the convenience of humans.

One solution, the sterilization of cats

Mass slaughtering of stray cats does not make sense. Throughout the world, many studies have shown that they do not solve the problem of strays. On the other hand, when a colony of cats disappears, the free space is quickly reinvested by new homeless felines ... The specialists having studied the question all agree on only one effective strategy: to sterilize and release the cats, simple castration proving more effective. The latest One Voice report explains this.

1 unsterilized cat it’s more than 10,000 kittens in 7 years

Today, the problem of the cat people seems a bottomless pit. Sterilization efforts of just here or there are clearly not enough. Without non-stop, new cats and kittens are abandoned. And remember that only one unsterilized female and her offspring is enough for more than 10,000 kittens to be born in just 7 years! Faced with this situation, we understand that the tragedy of stray cats requires a global response ... And this is what One Voice is claiming in this national emergency plan.

Cats in the rubbish bin?

Today, the regulations entrust the mayors with the responsibility for the management of free cats on their communal territory. It clearly states that euthanasia is not an appropriate solution and that sterilization / release is preferred ... It is far from being what is put into practice. And when one knows how town halls “waste” budgets work to deal with stray cats one understands how they are looked upon... Yet the problem of stray cats is vast, both ethically, environmentally and health wise. There are so many reasons to therefore solve this problem before it surpasses us, like the case in Australia where a shocking campaign of eradication by poisoning is underway.

Give mayors the means to act and empower individuals

The solution to stray cats is in the hands of mayors but also individuals. One Voice will therefore act at a state level to ensure that not only will the mayors respect their legal obligations to protect homeless cats but also for the creation in each municipality of a place to live for stray cats. With its program Chatipi, it proposes to support them in the setting up of these structures. The cats will remain free after sterilization, but will have a shelter, will be fed, watered and will receive health monitoring. And as there wouldn’t be any stray cats without them being born in the first place, or being given away as gifts, or being sold in an unregulated manner. We will continue our campaign to demand the compulsory sterilization of cats, the application and obligation of identification, and to prohibit sales in the classified ads sections or pet shops.

To help homeless cats please sign the petition!

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Léa | Thursday 06 December 2018

Je suis moi même en colère de voir l'ignorance des gens vis à vis des animaux y compris les chats abandonnés de mon quartier
Je soigne nourris et fais stériliser les chats abandonnés par des maîtres stupides, bêtes, négligents et inconscients.
De plus j'ai un voisin qui ne cherche que des embrouilles, a porté plainte contre moi par ce que je nourris les chats errants.
Il n'a que ça à faire.

Chipie 89 | Thursday 08 November 2018

Oui marre des gens qui prennent des betes, qui assument pas, ça déménage, ça part, ça les laisse là dehors ils s'en foutent ; ça me rend malade ; une amende à ces gens-là, plus le droit d'avoir des bêtes, suivis et contrôlés.

Marie | Tuesday 23 October 2018

Je suis pour la stérilisation qu'elle malheur devoir tous ces minous souffrir à cause personnes entêté

nanou | Tuesday 23 October 2018

voire tout ses pauvres chat malade affamer que sait triste tout sa il faut que cela s'arrete il faut faire strelise les minettes et les matou il faut proteger tout les chat errant et j'espere que une loi viendrat bientot pour que tout les animaux abonndoner maltraite que leur boureau soit punis il non rien demmander a part d'etre aimer