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Stop mink farming in France!

Two mink farms in Franche-Comté call for an increase in the size of their capacity. Even more suffering? One Voice is against it. Let's mobilize together, quickly!

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In the case of the first breeder, revealing serious infractions is worth describing. The company opened at Emagny in 1985. From the beginning, it broke all regulations, moved into a protected natural area, feeding its mink with the skinned corpses of their predecessors, pours its dirty water directly into the river Ognon. Warnings of abuse, recommendations, procedures and seals, its manager is finally sentenced in 2016 to imprisonment. But what is this benevolence shown by local authorities? Thus, the Prefecture had to be called to order, for the lack of binding measures against the breeder a repeat offender. The municipality, meanwhile, has revised its land use with plans to reclassify the agricultural area, the plot illegally occupied by the farmer and allow him to stay there.

Here the breeder, just out of court with a monitoring bracelet on his ankle, asks the regularization and extension of his breeding, with construction of 10 additional buildings. The total capacity of his farm would increase to 18,200 mink including 3,200 for breeding. The public inquiry runs until May 20, 2017 and everyone can file a comment. A second breeder located in Montarlot-lez-Rioz, probably linked to the first one, wants to pass to 5,000 mink.

Why do mink farms need to be banned?

Firstly, because they make animals suffer. Mink are semi-aquatic mammals, forced to live from birth in tiny mesh cages without access to water. All of them eventually go crazy and most end up like at Emagny, gassed in groups of a hundred in an airtight box connected to the exhaust of a heat engine: so as to not soil the fur with blood.

Then, because the farms pollute terribly. The excrement of mink, their blood and their carcasses generate a real environmental risk. These nitrogen and phosphorus-laden wastes pollute water by runoff and lead to eutrophication of rivers, which is fatal for fish. Large quantities of ammonia gas, nitrogen oxide and methane are also released into the air, affecting the quality of life of the surrounding inhabitants and contributing to global warming.

Finally, with captive animals constantly escaping, American mink reared in these farms quickly adapt to our biotopes and their invasive presence affects local wildlife, especially mink in Europe. They end up cruelly trapped or drowned as harmful pests.

For all mink, please signify your refusal on the extension of the breeding centre of Emagny, please leave your comments on the site of the services for the department in the Doubs, from April 18th to May 20th, 2017. comments-Breeding-of-aim-a-Emagny

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Djamila grouci | Monday 24 April 2017



fany73 | Friday 21 April 2017

Comment cela se fait il qu'un mec condamné a le droit de faire une extension de son élevage ??? Faut qu'on m'explique là.. ces fermes de l'horreur doivent être interdites, nous sommes un pays civilisé oui ou non ??

patrick | Friday 21 April 2017

A quand la charte pour les droits des animaux quels qu'ils soient
quand porter une fourrure sera un délit, un recel??
le monde change ... les mentalités évoluent ..

fab | Thursday 20 April 2017

STOP à la maltraitance et des sanctions sévères pour les bourreaux !!