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Safety in hunting: One Voice reports on an umpteenth smokescreen

Safety in hunting: One Voice reports on an umpteenth smokescreen

Mis à jour le 20 February 2023

When animal killers become just killers, the government offers Canada Dry, far from the expectations and despair of the French population who would like to benefit from nature and the great outdoors (the bit that is left) without risking their lives. One Voice is reporting on the dramatic under-sizing of government propositions that are taking shape in relation to the stakes. What it will take is a radical reform on hunting, not small measures that are once again insulting to grieving families and to biodiversity which is being wiped out before our eyes.

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From the elusive to Canada Dry...

At the end of October 2022, Bérangère Couillard, the Secretary of State in charge of Ecology and therefore the hunting file, implemented a consultation - what made this necessary..? Because these announcements about hunting management are elusive… We thought that there would be a bill after the efficacy of the petition filed on the Senate’s site by the One Day A Hunter [Un Jour Un Chasseur] collective, then from our hearing at the Senators’ mandate… But no, still no immediate decisions.

On Monday, the Minister announced the result of this consultation. It involved, among other things, limiting hunters’ blood alcohol levels, a minimum measure which French people were gobsmacked by in the autumn when no restrictions had so far been imposed in this plan for people who were nevertheless armed in the countryside. A request that One Voice has been bringing up for many years, just like annual eye check-ups

Another of the measures expected by more than four in five French people to make hunting in France safe (a stable proportion for five years: see the three rounds of the IPSOS/One Voice survey in 2018, 2021, and 2022), is a hunting ban during the whole of the school holidays as well as for two days a week including Sundays.
Instead of this, the government is delivering a gadget, an application called ‘Suricate’ (they will tell us that just this once it is not a freephone number) which, if it did not concern the lives and deaths of others, would be laughable.


A hunting and gunmakers’ lobby that is stronger than safety and biodiversity

The lack of any political desire to change anything is such a pity. The accumulated deaths of animals and humans still do not measure up to a lobby for which we wonder how they still manage to dictate their own laws when they represent such a small minority. Country people as well as city-dwellers are more than fed up!

What can we still expect from a government that is not even capable of listening to the population? To keep them safe?
Horse and hound hunting is still happening, as well as underground hunting with hounds, penned hunting, and wild boar breeding farms, or deer being released to be killed. The French President even lowered the price of hunting licences by half during his first mandate! And the Ministry has opposed us so many times at the State Council to keep and justify the massacring of birds with cruel glue hunting traps and other traditional hunting methods...

If the great advances for biodiversity in general and animals in particular come down to plastic fast-food packaging and an app, we are far from the hopes raised by the ‘Make our planet great again’ from the beginning of Macron I.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Poaching in Isère: night-time horror. The hearing is on 5 February in Valence Hearing on 7 February 2024 for an urgent suspension on tenrec hunting in Réunion

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jack | Friday 13 January 2023

Et oui ces ténors de tueries scandaleusement organisées ont l'aval des gouvernements, vivement que ça change pour avoir le droit de se promener dans la natures sans croiser des tueurs et rentrer vivant. la majorité du peuple est face à des sanguinaires remplisseurs de congélateurs. MERCI MACRON, C'EST PAS LA PEINE D'AVOIR UN ANIMAL POUR FAIRE LE BEAU COMME D'HAB ON PENSERA A VOUS .

Maecki | Friday 13 January 2023

Attitude scandaleuse du gouvernement dans un état dit démocratique : soutien sans faille à une minorité armée.
A quand les milices si on « empiète » sur leur droit de chasse ?
On tolère déjà les mesures d’intimidation…
La destruction sauvage des renards est une ineptie de viandards ! Dans de bonnes conditions, les renards se reproduisent moins et de toute façon jouent un rôle dans la lutte contre les rongeurs. Mais, là encore, le gouvernement est à la botte des lobbies de la chimie et autorise l’empoisonneraient collectif ( l’atrazine refilait des cancers rénaux et je sais de quoi je parle !!).
Protégeons les renards…et les autres, acteurs d’une biodiversité dont les humains peuvent profiter.

trochu | Saturday 07 January 2023

Que honte ce gouvernement une fois de plus, et aucun membre politique en faveur des animaux mais le lobby de la chasse toujours aussi puissant, lamentable et pathétique vraiment. Lorsque l'on voit un peu partout les forêts décimées d'une part pour le bois de chauffage, et ailleurs pour l'huile de palme où la déforestation est scandaleuse et inacceptable, tous ces pauvres animaux voient de jour en jour, leurs habitats naturels dévastés et envahis par les humains. Il est de plus en plus facile de les voir et de les tuer car ils ne peuvent plus se cacher et difficilement y vivre. C'est grave et révoltant, et ces chasseurs ne sont que d'ignobles et d'ignobles individus, des monstres et des déséquilibrés pour aimer tuer des animaux et y prendre du plaisir. Que faut-il faire afin que ce gouvernement prenne enfin conscience de l'ampleur des dégâts des animaux qui se meurent tout comme les forêts ?