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Russia: Bears to be used to train hunting dogs

Russia: Bears to be used to train hunting dogs

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We had investigated in the heart of these camps where hunters train their dogs by throwing them at wild animals, including chained bears. These practices persist, and the Russian legislators refuse to act! Let's act against this barbarism!

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Within the hunting dog training camps, an abject, daily drama takes place. Bears, foxes, martens and badgers are captured and fed to Laïka dogs trained for hunting during competitions. These animals live are atrocious. They are confined in cages without shelter, trampling in their droppings, fed with pieces of bread. Suffering is imposed on them for months and months, for years, even for the most resistant, and when they are considered too worn out, hunters kill and eat them.

During the competitions, the bears are tied by the neck, they cannot flee. They suffer the repeated assaults of several dogs biting them without respite. The more the dog bites, the more points he gets. The show is gruesome. Bears try to get rid of their shackles, and when too weak, they refuse to face the dogs, humans pull them by the neck, or hit them with a stick, so that they straighten up.

Since our investigation, we have asked for the prohibition of these barbaric activities, from another era. The bill aimed at banning this appalling practice has just been rejected by the Russian parliament. The country's conservatives proudly make it the symbol of the cultural difference between Western and Eastern countries. All hope, however, is not lost: this legislation can be enforced by the Russian head of state. We cannot remain silent in the face of so much barbarity!

Support the work of animal advocates in Russia by creating a global sound box, please sign the petition: sign the petition!

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Dani | Sunday 21 January 2018

Arrêtez cette barbarie, cruelle, inutile et dégradante pour l'humanité.

Eliane | Sunday 21 January 2018

Arretez cette barbarie...Montrez-vous humains une fois pour toutes...

Geneviève | Sunday 21 January 2018

Horrible, il n’y a pas de limite à la méchanceté humaine ?

Cathy | Sunday 21 January 2018