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Protection for animals in China: raise awareness from an early age

Protection for animals in China: raise awareness from an early age

Mis à jour le 16 September 2022

We know that China is far from being a model country when it comes to animal protection. But digging into it, it is clear that the corrupt relationship of humans with the most fragile of beings is due to a lack of awareness, particularly in the poorest areas. This is why we are working closely with our partner, ACTAsia, to find a solution to the situation by supporting education programmes in kindness. And once the seeds have been sown, miracles happen...

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Awakening compassion and stimulating kindness and all that is good in humans is the goal that we have set ourselves by supporting the Caring for Life educational programme by our partner ACTAsia. This NGO, run in China, is an astounding effort in raising awareness with respect for life in all its forms. They have done a lot of work to raise awareness of the state of the country’s zoos and the dog meat trade. Every year they take action against the Yulin festival and also act closely with veterinarians in Asia to make them aware that animals feel fear and pain.

Fur is still all the rage

In China, it is rare for people to be aware of this obvious fact. Even the dangers represented by zoonotic diseases are not always taken into consideration. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic drove many countries – including France – to forbid breeding animals for fur in their countries, the Chinese industry did not draw any conclusions on it. Quite the opposite! With the disappearance of their rivals, they saw an opportunity to gain a greater share of the market in worldwide trade and to promote the exploitation of mink, Arctic foxes, silver foxes, and raccoon dogs, who all suffered the most. All while making fun of the public health concerns of an extremely toxic and harmful industry.

Empathy can be learnt

With ACTAsia, we are convinced that developing empathy relies on education, ideally from a very young age. Those who have benefited from the Caring For Life project are the best witnesses of this. This unique programme, lasting through six years of primary school, addresses social well-being, citizenship, animal welfare, environmental issues, and recognises interdependence between all living beings. Ms Fang, a teacher, discovered it in 2013 and saw the benefits for both her son and herself: “CFL taught me to practice compassion in all aspects of my life and I firmly believe that we should all live our lives on this basis”. She has been very invested since and teaches it by including the CFL lessons in school learning. And the positive impact of the lessons, delivered at school and during summer camps, is remarkable. Ms Fang continues to see changes in the day-to-day behaviour of her pupils. She sees their kindness and their civilised and responsible behaviours grow. In order to measure the success of the programme, she carried out a two-year study comparing two classes — one which follows CFL teaching and the other that does not. Prosocial and compassionate attitudes were very evident among the students who had received the CFL learning. Much calmer and not showing signs of aggression, they showed a much greater respect for others. Following this study, more classes now adopt CFL teaching. A new generation of compassionate and empathetic children is emerging, ready to implement these “un-technical skills” in all aspects of their existence and in society in a wider sense in the future. And we are here to encourage them!

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Paulo | Saturday 20 August 2022

Excellente initiative que l'on voudrait voir expérimentée ailleurs.
Certes en Chine, il y a beaucoup encore à faire pour mobiliser sur l'empathie vis-à-vis des animaux, mais heureusement les Chinois (que j'ai pas mal côtoyés en France et aussi en Chine) ont une telle capacité d'adaptation et de changement que j'ai grand espoir en ce projet.

Lucie | Wednesday 10 August 2022

Quelle bonne idée! Mère Thésésa disait; Il faut travailler "avec" le problème et non "contre" celui-ci. Chapeau! Très belle initiative qui pourrait même faire boule de neige à bien des endroits. MERCI!

Lilibubu...^^ | Friday 05 August 2022

Certes @Françoise, nous ne mangeons pas en Occident ces espèces animales (autres mœurs autres us & coutumes) qui je vous l'accorde sont abjects pour nous autres qui avons amis à Pat's chez nous. Pardonnez -moi mais je trouve que c'est légèrement hypocrite d'écrire ceci.
De notre côté que faisons-nous, nous avec les animaux dit de fermes ?
Tous ces élevages de bêtes, à poils à crins à écailles à plumes à fourrure & j'en passe... ?
Sont arrachés dans un premier temps à leur Maman, puis élevés aussi dans d'atroces souffrances & mis à mort de façons barbares pour que les humains puissent "bouffer " leurs chairs, leurs œufs (poissons volatiles...) ou boire le lait destinés à leurs bébés... !!!

Oui je sais, je m'égare & ne veut faire le procès de personne loin de moi cette pensée, puisque je soutiens depuis des années les combats de " One -Voice "(entre -autres...).

Cette action menée en Chine, là ou les Droits... sont bafoués, est tout bonnement géniale !!!
Les massacres de chiens de chats ne cesseront pas sur un claquement de doigt il ne faut pas se leurrer. Mais déjà si, les jeunes générations sont éduqués intelligemment comme c'est le cas avec cette Organisation, au respect de la vie animale & cie, sous toutes ses formes.. S'ils prennent consciences que ce sont aussi des êtres doués de sensibilité d'intelligence & qu'ils souffrent qu'ils pleurent eux aussi... & qu'il leur faut combattre toutes sortes de maltraitance... Cela sera déjà une belle victoire ! Ne croyez -vous pas ?

Un Grand Merci aux Equipes, aux Responsables de " One -Voice " que de permettre de développer & de soutenir de telles actions partout ou le Monde Animal est mit à mal !!!

Françoise | Friday 05 August 2022

On ne mange pas de signes (vivants ou morts) de pangolins, de poulpes et de poissons (vivants ou morts), de chiens, de chats. Stop !!!!! Non !!!!! Suffit !!!!! Respect du monde animal !!!!!