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Poliakov trial: does France really protect wild animals?

Poliakov trial: does France really protect wild animals?

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The Poliakov trial took place on 12 May in Blois. The decision has just been made. The couple, who trained Micha, Bony and Glasha, Mina the Barbary macaque, rare birds, and ponies, were acquitted of all serious abuse and on all acts prior to 2019. Statute of limitations. Sacha Poliakov was bailed on a four-month suspended sentence. In other words, it’s now possible to mistreat in peace in France. And this is despite a bear being dead. We are appealing.

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Does France really protect wild animals?

In light of the court decisions that are made in France in trial after trial in these types of cases, we have seen that the courts are more likely to sanction environmental offences. Is there an omerta (law of silence), or even a taboo, to allow wild animal keepers to mistreat? Because negligence is convicted when it comes to cats and dogs. We can see this happening in the case of Eliott the Lion at the Amar Circus, or in that of Jumbo, the hippopotamus who is kept by the circus that belongs to the violent Muller family. Each time that there is objective, conclusive evidence, the accused are ultimately only condemned for environmental infractions.

For the animals being kept by the Poliakovs, this absence of any sanction, which lived up to our expectations, happened despite the death of an animal which had maggots in its paws!

Ignorance of there being a culprit

The disregard for these animals – we have seen it already in inspections; officials don’t note down specific problems in the inspection reports – continues in the courtroom. This is extremely serious.

Animal protection laws which almost never apply

It is incomprehensible. It is as though the wild animals were willingly exploited, ours for the taking, and that therefore they did not suffer. As if we could do anything to them… and in fact, that’s what happens. The question can be asked: are these animals truly protected in our country? We are appealing the decision.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Against all odds for Samba, the last ‘circus’ elephant, whose suffering has broken the State’s indifference We will defend the animals from the Franco-Belge Circus before the courts.

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Stéphane | Saturday 11 September 2021

Cette décision de justice est lamentable.
Les Poliakov méritaient la prison ferme !!

J'ai eu l'occasion cet été de visiter le refuge de l'Arche - qui accueille temporairement Bony et Glasha - et j'ai eu le grand plaisir de voir les deux ours qui se portent à merveille ! :))

del | Tuesday 07 September 2021

prison ferme

Bertrus 05 | Sunday 05 September 2021

La justice de la monarchie absolue du monarque destructeur !!! Tout est fait pour tuer, massacrer, torturer, maltraiter les animaux. La France est la honte de l'Europe et du monde. La réponse sera dans le bulletin de vote.

Micky | Saturday 04 September 2021

Tout se passe comme si en France on avançait de deux pas dans la protection animale pour aussitôt reculer de deux. Les défenseurs des animaux sont tolérés et très vite considérés comme des extrémistes dans la mesure où ils veulent faire avancer les choses. Il existe une hypocrisie ambiante qui consiste à se contenter de lois qui en fait ne sont jamais appliquées. Merci à One voici pour ce travail et ces informations. Il ne faut pas désespérer !!!