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Plucking of angora rabbits – the fight continues

Plucking of angora rabbits – the fight continues

We have been fighting since 2016 for a ban on the plucking of angora rabbits. Last year
the Council of State rejected our complaint despite new images. France is deaf so we are
now turning to Europe.

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The barbarous practice of plucking

Following our 2016 undercover investigation we showed how angora rabbits have their fur plucked out. They are tied to a table by their four paws, often under the eyes of their fellows, while their fur is pulled out by hand at top speed, and sometimes strips of their skin are pulled off too. Before this procedure they are given lagodendron, a plant that makes the fur come out more easily but does not dull the pain and is not authorised for sale. We shan't mention their miserable living conditions here. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food at the time hid behind a report by INRA (Institut national de la recherche agronomique – National Institute of Agricultural Research) arguing that the procedure did not amount to mistreatment. We asked to see this report, which turns out never to have existed! In 2018 the images taken by our whistleblowers showed that nothing had changed since our first investigation. This summer, the footage we publish do not differ from the former ones. The rabbits wish they would have.

We are not giving up!

In June 2019 the Council of State rejected our complaint because allegedly this method did not cause suffering. Who are they trying to kid? Didn't they have the sound turned on when watching our videos and therefore not hear the blood-curdling cries of pain and terror?
We told you we were going to bring a complaint against France to Europe. We've now done so! We shall fight to have animal welfare respected in this system to which legislation seems not to apply. When will this barbarous and outdated practice cease? When will the clothing industry stop using materials deriving from animal suffering? When will the feelings of these living beings finally be taken into account? Have the French not pronounced in favour of respecting animals? While waiting for justice to be done, please continue to sign our petition and to share it. In addition to a ban on this horrible practice, our aim is to get these fur farms shut down. We are continuing the fight!

Anna Marquez
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Hearing on 28 February 2024: One Voice supports the ELLE brand against the furriers' union ba&sh’s animal welfare policy recognised by the Fur Free Retailer programme

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trochu | Wednesday 16 September 2020

HORRIFIANT ET INACCEPTABLE ! tout cela pour soi disant "l'esthétique et la mode" mais à quel prix et de quel droit ?..............
C'est plus que scandaleux qu'à notre époque, ce genre de tortures, de barbaries, de maltraitances extrêmes existent encore et soient tolérées et cautionnées. Franchement les consciences doivent s'éveiller pour LES ANIMAUX ET DANS TOUS DOMAINES ! Je ne comprends pas : comment peut -on continuer de porter vêtements ou accessoires liés directement à l'exploitation, à l'utilisation et à la torture et maltraitance D ANIMAUX, alors que tout le synthétique est esthétique, chaud et élégant et surtout, je reviens là dessus de quel droit arracher, retirer, épiler la peau DES ANIMAUX pour notre soit-disant "confort", c'est abominable et impensable pour des individus qui se disent appartenir à la race humaine, tout le synthétique est classe, beau et élégant et chaud!
Je vous en supplie nous devons faire cesser définitivement ces horreurs inqualifiables envers ces lapins, ce n'est pas possible pas possible ! l'espèce humaine va mal et LES ANIMAUX en font les frais et nous devons agir et réagir et faire stopper de tels comportements et attitudes à l'encontre DES ANIMAUX ETRES VIVANTS comme nous et certainement pas "nos esclaves" ! C'est à en pleurer.............