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Photographer Laurent Baheux supports One Voice

Thanks to his photos, the talented Laurent Baheux immortalizes rare and precious scenes of nature. This self-taught photographer, who claims to feel "less of a danger to the intimacy of wild animals than to live among men", engages, through his art, in the protection of nature and the defence of animals. He invites the public to discover the last vestiges of a wild world in reprieve.

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First attracted by journalism and the profession of editor, Laurent Baheux quickly discovered a passion for photography. Always fascinated by Africa, this regular sports and news photographer went on a trip to Tanzania in 2002, where he began a personal work on wildlife. His striking photos, in black and white, reveal all the beauty, strength and individuality of the free beings that he photographed. Thanks to them, Laurent Baheux transports the public to territories where wild life can still flourish freely.

Through these animal encounters, which testify that of a wild world in peril and thus raises the question humans in its environment. His photos, touching with their authenticity, lead those who admire them to feel the emotions and fragility of animals in the face of a world turned upside down by human activities. They beautify their subjects, raising humility and respect for life. With his pictures, Laurent Baheux calls to us to engage in the protection of wild animals and nature.

In 2013, thanks to his photographic commitment, he became Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program on the international anti-poaching campaign Wild & Precious. He actively campaigns for conservation organizations and has chosen to support One Voice's fight for animal rights.

On the occasion of his birthday, Laurent Baheux organized a collection on behalf of One Voice, which received more than 1500 € of donations. A huge thank you to him and to those who contributed!

Find his news and his wonderful work on his website:

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Soph | Friday 03 August 2018

Bravo à cet homme pour faire connaître le monde animal.