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Our companion’s dogs and cats tortured in laboratories!

Our companion’s dogs and cats tortured in laboratories!

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Animal experimentation kills dogs and cats for meaningless tests, denounces Dr. Ménache, consultant veterinarian for One Voice. Proof, aberrant experiments, on the verge of scientific fraud according to this expert.

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Along with the outrageous practices of the auto industry, which gases primates with exhaust fumes, have just been revealed to endorse the safety of engines. Our dog and cat companions are also suffering the worst. Dr. Ménache, consultant veterinarian for One Voice analysed several experiments and explained how they make no sense at all.

Remember that the French and European regulations on animal testing encourage the reduction of the number of victims, as well as the pain inflicted on animals. But these figures are globally increasing, while the search for alternative methods without cruelty are stalling.

According to the last official statistics, at least 3,500 cats and dogs die each year in French laboratories. In principle, none of our companions, whose place is in loving homes, should be sacrificed for any scientific projects, whatever they might be. These points explained by Dr. Menache show that this practice is complete and utter nonsense...

Enough of these outrageous experiments!

"What does a dog's heart look like? ", was the subject of study published in 2017. Issued from the Mutualiste Institute Montsouris (Paris) and the breeding centre of the Souches (Mézilles), 15 beagles in good health were thus euthanized in order to describe a detail of the anatomy of this organ, yet already well known. Why in this case kill healthy animals and not use the hearts of animals that have already died?

Any research project using animals must, in particular, justify to an ethics committee the suffering to which they will be exposed. But Dr. Ménache notes that a study that does not provide any resuscitation (here because of the removal of vital organ) is virtually exempt from ethical review! Finally, for science, suppressing the life of an animal would be less important than exposing it to even slight suffering. Where is the ethics in all this?

By nature, intolerable, the torture of our companion’s cats and dogs in the laboratories must stop. At last, let's respect these sentient beings!

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Marie | Wednesday 19 June 2019

Eh oui, malheureusement je pense que la majorité des tests se font pour tester les produits avant de les mettre sur le marché. C'est vraiment triste :/

GERALD | Monday 29 April 2019

Stoppons avec cette démence, cette souffrance, des animaux très sensibles, très gentils, très intelligents.

Plusieurs scientifiques et pas des moindres disent que la vivisection est une hérésie, aucun animaux ne ressemblent à l'homme.

asenne2 | Thursday 28 March 2019

je me demande si les chercheurs ne sont pas devenus fous avec leurs experiences qui ne prouvent rien , dans ces recherches sans interêt pour l'homme

Aucun | Wednesday 09 May 2018

Une grande partie de ces expériences n'ont aucun intérêt thérapeutique et proviennent d'une curiosité malsaine. Il doit exister moult autres façons de chercher des solutions aux maux humains que de faire souffrir des animaux en pleine santé, faits pour vivre et s'épanouir. un peu d'inventivité chez les chercheurs et un peu de snesibilité aussi, svp !