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Orca Morgan, captured in 2010, gave birth to her first baby to Loro Park

Morgan, a small orca born free and now owned by the dolphinarium Loro Park has just given birth to a baby, while the law forbids it and while she is still a child. In partnership with the Free Morgan Foundation, One Voice is fighting for it.

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An early pregnancy

Desperate in her concrete pool, Morgan, already bore the signs of loneliness and brutality. Today, at only 11 years old, the little killer whale has just given birth to a baby, while in the wild, female orcas do not get pregnant until about 14 years old. It must be said that for the closed circle of the captivity industry, Morgan represents an unexpected genetic capital. And a source of significant profit. So, for her jailers, what does it matter if she is still a child? It does not matter if it is a wild orca and its reproduction is forbidden. Like Kohana before her, Morgan must reproduce, even if she is far too young for that.

A dark future

In the turquoise water of her prison, she remembers how her mother cared for her when she was small. That at least she was able to transfer her child. So, with all her love, she tries to watch over her child. What will become of him if he survives? What will be his destiny? Will he be condemned to live in a pool, so far from the immensity of the ocean where his mother was born? She who was born in a free family, with customs, a dialect, a culture ... Will she tell him of the happiness of swimming among his family? And if he does not survive, will Morgan be able to bear it? The bond between a baby and its mother is extremely powerful in orcas. The recent mourning of Tahlequah is a heart-breaking example. How can we risk imposing such suffering on such sensitive and evolved beings?

No animal deserves to be deprived of its own kind and kept in captivity for the pleasure of humans. Morgan should be free!

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KayJay | Sunday 30 September 2018

Pathetic. Too sick for words.

SYLVIE24 | Sunday 30 September 2018

Quelle torture physique et psychique! C'est intolérable! et pourquoi?
Si plus personne n'allait dans ces endroits sordides, il n'y en aurait plus. C'est la seule solution, un boycott universel.
Pauvre maman et pauvre bébé, cela me désole.

dany | Sunday 30 September 2018

Quelle souffrance inflige t'on à ces créatures si sensibles et intelligentes. Il faut interdire une bonne foi pour toute la captivité des mammifères marins

renée37 | Saturday 29 September 2018

Les commentaires sont explicites ! mais le fric a tellement d'amateurs que peu importe de la façon dont on se le procure. Il faut aussi faire prendre conscience aux "spectateurs" qui paient pour aller voir ça et donc soutenir les profiteurs de ces organisateurs sans pitié. Il est vrai qu'ils appliquent leur façon de vivre aux animaux, il faut que cela rapporte et vite ; qu'importent leur misère, la force de reproduction (insémination) le manque de leur famille, ils s'en moquent et il ne faut surtout pas que ce commerce ignoble cesse. N'allez plus nulle part où il y a des animaux captifs dès leur naissance et pour toute leur pauvre vie, au moins ne financerez plus ces profits. Merci pour eux.