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Orca Morgan, captured in 2010, gave birth to her first baby to Loro Park

Orca Morgan, captured in 2010, gave birth to her first baby to Loro Park

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Morgan, a small orca born free and now owned by the dolphinarium Loro Park has just given birth to a baby, while the law forbids it and while she is still a child. In partnership with the Free Morgan Foundation, One Voice is fighting for it.

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An early pregnancy

Desperate in her concrete pool, Morgan, already bore the signs of loneliness and brutality. Today, at only 11 years old, the little killer whale has just given birth to a baby, while in the wild, female orcas do not get pregnant until about 14 years old. It must be said that for the closed circle of the captivity industry, Morgan represents an unexpected genetic capital. And a source of significant profit. So, for her jailers, what does it matter if she is still a child? It does not matter if it is a wild orca and its reproduction is forbidden. Like Kohana before her, Morgan must reproduce, even if she is far too young for that.

A dark future

In the turquoise water of her prison, she remembers how her mother cared for her when she was small. That at least she was able to transfer her child. So, with all her love, she tries to watch over her child. What will become of him if he survives? What will be his destiny? Will he be condemned to live in a pool, so far from the immensity of the ocean where his mother was born? She who was born in a free family, with customs, a dialect, a culture ... Will she tell him of the happiness of swimming among his family? And if he does not survive, will Morgan be able to bear it? The bond between a baby and its mother is extremely powerful in orcas. The recent mourning of Tahlequah is a heart-breaking example. How can we risk imposing such suffering on such sensitive and evolved beings?

No animal deserves to be deprived of its own kind and kept in captivity for the pleasure of humans. Morgan should be free!

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Moana has just died in the chlorinated Marineland prison, the only place he has seen in his twelve years of life. One Voice is going to court again Orcas at Marineland: One Voice has succeeded in having an independent expert assessment arranged!

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Cohérence | Saturday 06 October 2018

Quand les personnes qui donnent leur argent aux delphinariums, aux zoos, aux cirques, etc... comprendront-elles qu'elles sont responsables de la vie d'horreur que vivent des êtres sensibles? De même pour les animaux qui vivent enfermés en attendant de passer par l'abattoir pour se retrouver dans les assiettes de personnes qui disent aimer les animaux... Si on ne veut pas que des êtres sensibles souffrent et meurent dans des conditions lamentables, on se responsabilise et on change sa façon de consommer... Changer ses habitudes de consommation n'est rien en comparaison de l'emprisonnement, de l'exploitation , de la barbarie que subissent les animaux juste parce que les humains ne veulent pas remettre en cause leur façon de vivre...

Audrey | Friday 05 October 2018

Les animaux ont tous des besoins qu’il est impératif de respecter ! Il ne faut pas être humain pour leur faire subir de telles atrocités ! Ces « cirques aquatiques «  ne devraient pas exister !

chihiro yaba | Wednesday 03 October 2018

love animal

Nathalie | Monday 01 October 2018

Aux dernières nouvelles son bébé a lui a été retiré 24h après, elle refusait de l'allaiter. Il est pris en charge par les soigneurs et biberoné comme avant lui Adan et Victoria..... Triste nouvelle et énorme gâchis comme d'habitude. Free Morgan et tous les autres.