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Open letter to Fabien Di Filippo regarding the fate of dogs neglected by the management at Arche de Bouba

Open letter to Fabien Di Filippo regarding the fate of dogs neglected by the management at Arche de Bouba

Mis à jour le 15 February 2023

One Voice has been alerted to the fact that the management at the Ranguevaux pound-rescue, Arche de Bouba, might be operating at different sites in several departments: the town of Nitting in Moselle and Sainte-Menehould in Marne. After joining the Moselle Prefecture, we contacted Mr Fabien Di Filippo, the deputy of the fourth constituency of this department, in order to ask him to implement measures to help rescue dogs who will be abandoned in this miserable place. We are also writing to the Marne Prefecture in order to ensure that no animal can be kept in this place in Sainte-Menehould any longer.

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Fabien Di Filippo
National Assembly
126, rue de l’Université
75007 Paris

Vannes, 5 January 2023

Subject: Pound-rescue in Ranguevaux - Arche de Bouba

Dear Deputy,

You have surely been made aware of the latest facts relating to the matter of the Ranguevaux pound-rescue (57700), which has now been around for several years and which perfectly illustrates the lack of respect given to animals suffering under public powers in France.

The calvary of several sick animals (fleas, worms, coryza, typhus, feline infectious peritonitis, feline immunodeficiency virus) needing urgent treatment, abandoned and kept in a place that is more like a rubbish tip than a pound, ended on Monday 26 December. The police, accompanied by an animal protection association and elected representatives from the town of Ranguevaux, were able to obtain their transfer to another organisation. Unfortunately, as reported in the regional media, some will not have survived and will have died with no concern.

With the Ranguevaux pound already being known unfavourably by the Moselle Prefecture’s veterinary services for several years, this situation could and should have been avoided.

Several dozen animals have already been taken there over time, suspensions of activities had been ordered, and the management had even been convicted of animal abuse and deceptive commercial practice.

It is unbearable that this pound-rescue’s activities are able to continue. What are the relevant authorities waiting for to get this place definitively closed? How many innocent animals are still going to suffer in agony for public authorities to make the necessary decisions?

Even if the surviving cats could have left this hell, One Voice had been warned of the fact that the dogs belonging to the management would themselves be kept in revolting conditions at another site in the town of Nitting, part of your constituency. Around ten dogs will effectively be kept in an unsanitary cabin as well as in kennels and on a veranda, and will only be fed two or three times a week because no daily human presence is guaranteed here.

Additionally, we have been informed of the fact that you would have known about these dogs’ situation and that you have refused to react to it, all while approving the words of an elected official who had stated: “They are only animals”.

If this is the case, One Voice would like to know your position on the situation, as well as the actions that you intend to take so that the animals that are still on-site can be rescued quickly, and above all, to get this place closed, which should have been done a long time ago.

We thank you for your attention to this request and await your response. Deputy, please accept our sincere regards.

Muriel Arnal,
One Voice President

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Chantal | Thursday 16 February 2023

Malheureusement, on entend encore bien trop souvent "ce ne sont que des animaux"! En Belgique, on a de très bonnes lois mais de très mauvais juges!! Par contre, pas de fourrière pour les animaux mais directement, un refuge. En Belgique, la fourrière, c'est pour les voitures saisies !!

regus | Thursday 02 February 2023

Une honte ! Exigeons la fermeture de ces structures appelées Refuge ou encore Arche dont ces gens ont dû oublier le sens premier de ces mots !

Phoebus26 | Monday 30 January 2023

Ces gens là possèdent-ils un organe qu'on appelle le coeur ?? J'en doute....🤮

olivo | Friday 13 January 2023

Il faut que les élus de la République s'intéressent au sort des animaux comme ils le feraient pour les humains. Nous vivons ensemble sur la même planète. On arrive à en douter souvent...