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One Voice issues a notice to Marineland regarding the Orcas.

One Voice issues a notice to Marineland regarding the Orcas.

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Mr. Director General,

The One Voice association, which campaigns for the protection of animals and the defence of their rights, asks me to put you on notice to justify the fate of the four Orcas that you hold.

For this purpose, the association discloses to me:

That on April 16th, 2017 you declared, by press, that the four Orcas held in your pools would be the last ones accommodated within your establishment.

That this announcement was a follow-up to the commitment made by your company on June 8th, 2016, before the Minister of the Environment, represented by the Director of Water and Biodiversity, to stop breeding your Orcas, as well as to no longer accommodate a new Orca.

That you specify, moreover, on this occasion that the activity of presenting to the French public Orcas would cease on the death of the next individual and that a group of Orcas, according to your say, would consist of at least three animals.

This is why the One Voice association, concerned about the future and well-being of these highly cognitive and social individuals, has instructed me to put you on notice and to confirm the stopping of your exploitation of Orcas at the demise of the next animal. And to tell One Voice what the fate of remaining 3 Orcas will be.

The association One Voice proposes to participate in the transfer of these animals to a sanctuary so that they can live a life more in line with their needs.

I invite you to submit this letter to your lawyer and remain at the disposal of your lawyer for any further questions.

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Monique hassan | Thursday 26 July 2018

Je ne suis plus capable d'entendre l'annonce télé ..tout le monde aime marineland..grrrr. je suis degouté. stop et non aux bassins horriblex & honteux ????? Merci à One Voice pour vos efforts et actions !!! Je vous soutiens. Toujours fidèle monique xxxxx s.v.p partagez. merci

trochu | Saturday 03 March 2018

BRAVO et SUPER à One Voice ! et je vous soutiens comme toujours très profondément un tel courrier me réchauffe le coeur je suis certaine que l'exploitation de ces animaux détenus honteusement dans des delphinariums et marinelands prendra bientôt fin, sous la pression des associations de défense et protection des animaux et tous les défenseurs et amis des animaux, cela ne peut plus et ne doit plus durer. J'ai vraiment une hâte de voir tous ces orques libres et heureux dans leurs environnement naturels auprès des leurs.