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One Voice is filing a complaint against Genclis for abuse of animals in laboratories

One Voice is filing a complaint against Genclis for abuse of animals in laboratories

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On 6 April 2022, One Voice brought a complaint against Genclis (Genomic Clinical Synergy) to the Nancy Legal Tribunal for abuse of animals placed under the care of an owning establishment and using animals for scientific purposes (mice, who are bred and used for testing). The Association has also requested the suspension of the authorisation granted to this business to carry out their activities.

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We have had access to the inspection report from the DDPP (the veterinarians from the Prefecture) following an administrative procedure by one of our team. This report mentions numerous minor and intermediate non-conformities, in particular inclined towards housing and environment (minor non-conformity following problems with materials, lighting, and temperature), the staff (intermediate non-conformity, insufficiencies in the set-up followed by agents, in their follow-up, in the work carried out by animal welfare organisations, and in the tasks assigned to veterinarians), the animals and the procedures (intermediate non-conformity, the 3Rs strategy and the endpoint are to be reworked) as well as the documents (minor non-conformity, certain obligatory mentions are missing from the documents).

The major non-conformity is connected to the fact that several hundred mice have been reused in experiments before the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation and/or the ethical committee had given their agreement. Worse, one of the projects had even been implemented before the request had been filed! And this, for projects of which the oldest dates back to 20 November 2019, is more than a year and a half before this inspection.

Hundreds of mice have therefore been experimented on again and again for years without authorisation and have been kept in non-standard living conditions under the supervision of staff who are poorly trained and are therefore incompetent with regard to animal welfare! We think that these mice, each of which is an individual in its own right, have suffered mistreatment, and we are calling for a suspension of the agreement from the Genclis company. Our complaint went to the public prosecutor on 6 April.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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moumoune | Monday 28 November 2022

Je ne supporte plus cette souffrance sur tout ces animaux. Les humains sont vraiment des tarés. Quand ont voit un homme qui tue le chat de sa voisine avec une cisaille devant elle...Pétitions tous les jours qui ne servent a rien, car tout le monde s'en fout, les politiques, la justice ! Même avec 500 euros d amende, ils recommencent le soir même . Merci pour ce que vous faites pour eux, malheureusement ça ne suit pas derrière. On est toujours avec vous pour tous ces petits loulous, merci de tout coeur !!!!!!

Poupette | Sunday 27 November 2022

Merci à One Voice de lutter contre la maltraitance animale. L'homme devient insensible malheureusement.

sylvia | Friday 25 November 2022

Rien ne va plus ! J'ai 74 ans et je ne supporte plus la vie actuelle ! Même si nous signons des millions de pétitions pour la cause animale, rien ne bouge ! Nous sommes en 2022 et nous nous comportons affreusement par rapport à nos ancêtres.... eux, tuaient pour manger ! Aujourd'hui, tout n'est plus qu'une question de fric ! et j'en veux aux jeunes qui ne réagissent pas... pourtant, leur avenir est en jeu !

Isabelle | Thursday 24 November 2022

Merci One voice de ne pas les oublier.
Pauvres petits êtres sensibles !!! Révoltant...