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One Voice is campaigning for laboratory dogs in around fifteen towns in France!

One Voice is campaigning for laboratory dogs in around fifteen towns in France!

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One Voice is organising coordinated national action in around fifteen towns in France against the breeding of dogs destined for laboratories in Mézilles in Yonne and Gannat in Allier.

Like every year in the first weekend of September, a rally will therefore happen in front of the Auxerre Prefecture; and in Gannat, the first anniversary of the ‘#FreeTheMBRBeaglesFrance’ will be celebrated in front of the breeding farm from this weekend.

For other towns: Dignes, Nice, Troyes, Aix en Provence, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Blois, Nantes, Metz, Strasbourg, Lyon, and Lille, the address, date, and time of our audience participation events are outlined at the end of the report.

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At the Breeding Centre for Biological Matter (CEDS: Centre d’Élevage du Domaine des Souches) in Mézilles near Auxerre and in the Gannat breeding farm, many male and female beagles and golden retrievers suffer in their pens but this is nothing compared with what awaits. These dogs are destined for laboratory scalpels.

In 2017 in Gannat in Allier, the American giant Marshall BioResources (MBR) recommenced beagle breeding, before buying back the biggest dog breeding farm for laboratories in France, the one in Mézilles in Yonne, in 2021.

A purchase justified by the Vice President for Europe at MBR:

“One beagle in ten used in Europe [in laboratories] is imported from the United States[...] The majority of these beagles are Marshall beagles. Nowadays, the logistics are becoming a major problem since, under the pressure from activists, the possibilities of importation are becoming more and more tricky. More and more costly.

Our proceedings have avoided these breeding farms getting any bigger, and thus avoided this fate for thousands of individuals. Our investigation footage means that year after year the public can see how many dogs suffer in these breeding farms. Our actions have meant that the horror of transporting dogs for laboratories can be highlighted.

Our country is one of the ones that tests the most on dogs in Europe. The figures are increasing.

The collection of signatures on the SaveCrueltyFreeCosmetics ECI has just come to an end; we have succeeded in getting 1,413,383 European citizens involved for a Europe without animal testing! This is a massive initial victory, but the fight is not over. We still need the public to rally at key moments following events on a European level.

France must resolutely look to the future and call for an end to this suffering.

National action listing all participating local One Voice activist branches.

Consult the event before going there.
They are updated live and can be changed up until the last minute.



Online event

Precise Location



Gannat - 02 & 03/09

15 Av. des portes Occitanes

From 02 Sept. 3pm to 03 Sept., 6pm


Dignes - 04/09

Plan d'Eau in Dignes les bains

11am to 1:30pm


Nice - 10 /09

Place Massena

12:15pm to 1:15pm


Troyes - 03/09


71 Rue Émile Zola

3:30pm to 6pm


Aix en Provence - 04/09

Allées de Provence

11am to 12:30pm


La Rochelle - 03/09

Cours des Dames

2:30pm to 5pm


Bordeaux - 04/09

Mirroir d'eau

2pm to 4pm


Montpellier - 03/09

Place de la Comédie

10:30am to 12pm


Blois - 04/09

Les 3 Clés

3pm to 4:30pm


Nantes - 10/09

Town Centre

11am to 12:30pm


Metz - 03/09

64 Rue Serpenoise

2:30pm to 4pm


Strasbourg - 11/09

Rue du Corbeau

2:15pm to 4pm


Lyon - 24/09

Place St Jean

3:00pm to 5:00pm


Lille - 10/09

Place Richebé

4pm to 6pm


Auxerre - 03/09

Rue du Temple

11am to 1pm

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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