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One Voice is calling for the European law to restore nature to be passed

One Voice is calling for the European law to restore nature to be passed

Mis à jour le 06 September 2023

Faced with a divide at the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Public Health, and Food Safety (ENVI), we have once again called for a vote on the ambitious law on restoring nature. For humans, as for all other animals, the fight for a viable future on our planet must not be compromised.

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In June, Members of Parliament from the ENVI Committee failed twice to agree on the law on restoring nature. The scope of the law was even reduced over the course of discussions, with a reduction in the revision of the global objective, the deletion of the article for restoring forest ecosystems, and even a limit on restoration actions in Natura 2000 areas.

A diluted but not abandoned draft law

During the two committee votes, on 15 and 27 June, the political parties present were found to be the same. The draft law was thus narrowly saved, but we are very disappointed that it was not supported enthusiastically by the whole ENVI Committee.

On 15 June, the day of the first vote, the attack by the Parti Populaire Européen [PPE - European People’s Party] (a centre-right group) was also particularly virulent: they had replaced four members of their group, who were in favour of the draft law and who could have swung the vote, by four others who were not. The Committee eventually refused the amendment, asking for a pure and simple rejection of the law due to a draw, with 44 votes for and 44 votes against. And on 27 June, during the final vote on the law’s preliminary report, the Committee once again failed to obtain an absolute majority. The law was therefore saved, but we did not get a victory.

A violent opposition

The opposition of conservatives, who accused the project of harming food safety despite their arguments having been rejected by scientists, do not condemn the law to failure, however. The passing of the law in plenary by the European Parliament on 12 July will offer elected representatives the chance to speak out for a more coherent and ambitious law and to show their support for the European Green Deal. While temperatures continue to climb and biodiversity is demolished, taking strong measures on a European level is necessary.

« Conservative elected representatives’ refusal to work for what they have been elected for, namely, to pass strong laws to fight against the biodiversity and climate crises, is disappointing to say the least. This assessment is particularly pertinent after the powerful message from the Council, who took a stance on the Law for the Restoration of Nature last week and invited the European Parliament to follow up on negotiating said law. We urge our elected representatives to respond to this invitation and to take a strong position in plenary immediately. »
Sergiy Moroz, Policy Manager for Water and Biodiversity at the European Environmental Bureau (EBB)

A single voice for all living things

For months on end, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), which One Voice is a member of, has been rallying against global warming, the loss of biodiversity, and pollution, and asking for this law to be passed, not only to restore nature but also in accordance with our well-being and a genuine reflection on the social aspect, in the context of a global crisis. This positioning is in agreement with our fight to protect all living things. Since 2018, we have actively participated in climate marches. And last May, we were in Stockholm for the Common Future Conference: for a European Green Deal 2 organised by the EEB, where the main priorities of the work were set out for the years to come.

On 11 July, a rally will take place in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg from 8am to 9am. The collective representing the EEB and our partners WWF, BirdLife, and ClientEarth will also be there to officially hand over almost one million messages sent to Members of the European Parliament during our #RestoreNature campaign.

The following day, in plenary, we will call on MEPs to vote in favour of a future for all.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Law on restoring nature: the European Parliament has passed an encouraging but weak law Declaration from the #RestoreNature signatories

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Isaline | Wednesday 02 August 2023

Il est indéniable que la situation se dégrade.
Les feux ravageurs et les inondations de plus en plus fréquentes nous alertent sur les conséquences de notre impact destructeur sur la planète.
Il est impératif de réaliser que nous contribuons activement à ces problèmes depuis trop longtemps et de prendre des mesures pour changer notre comportement.

Val | Monday 10 July 2023

Entièrement en accord avec vous,

marie-claude | Saturday 08 July 2023

je suis à 100 pour 100 avec vous. Pour que tout le monde et surtout les politiques prennent la responsabilité qu'il faut protéger la nature, autant pour les animaux, les poissons, et tout les êtres vivants sur terre, sinon nous partons dans une catastrophe que nous ne pourrons jamais rattraper. La terre est notre première maison il ne faut pas l'oublier.

trochu | Thursday 06 July 2023

Profondément avec vous, étant donné que tout est lié mais malheureusement tous ces politiques sont dans le déni et refusent de l'admettre. Il faut protéger et défendre tous les animaux, préserver la nature, la faune et flore mais aussi faire cesser définitivement la destruction des forêts et donc de tous autres habitats naturels des animaux. Il serait bien que toutes ces commissions qui vont se réunir prennent conscience de l'importance de protéger les animaux d'agir sérieusement et entièrement en leurs faveurs et interdire l'envahissement humains des territoires de ces derniers qu'ils soient terrestres ou marins, cela ne doit plus continuer car honteux et inacceptable, les animaux sont des êtres vivants et sont à leurs places sur cette planète et aucun humain n'est en droit d'inverser les choses et vouloir encore continuer à monopoliser et contrôler ce qui ne lui appartient pas.