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One Voice campaigns: Peace for the foxes!

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In France, the life of the fox is a nightmare. They are mistakenly thought to be bad, and suffer the worst, hunted down in their dens, killed with indescribable cruelty. With its new campaign, One Voice calls for a ban on their hunting and trapping!

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Foxes classified as "harmful": opens the door to cruelty

Since 2016, we no longer say "harmful", but "species likely to cause damage". In fact, it does not change anything. Foxes can be hunted and trapped all year long, including expectant mothers and their cubs. And as the horror does not stop there, all means, or almost, are good: we can rip them apart, trap them, unearth them - that is to say, to drive them into their dens, with or without dogs before extracting them and putting them to death with sharp teeth, pickaxes, knives, or by fire. And then of course, there are the "classic" hunting methods: hunting with dogs, on the lookout, to run ... It follows that foxes are the most "destroyed" mammals in the territory according to the ONCFS.

Rumours about foxes

There are so many things blamed on foxes, that one might wonder what nature had in mind. Cat-eaters, cunning brigands of poultry-houses, carriers of diseases, one would be almost afraid of them because their image is so bad. Yet these are just beliefs to be dismantled. First, let's establish once and for all that foxes do not eat cats: they even tend to avoid them. On the other hand, they only enter poorly designed poultry houses. If it is easy to get food, why not use it and even more when you have mouths to feed? ... And finally, thanks to vaccination campaigns, rabies has been eradicated in France. The killings, on this occasion, showed their inefficiency and even the positive impact on the progression of the virus ... It is the same for Echinococcosis, which they can be carriers of and that they can transmit to humans. Again, experts agree that only deworming can be effective, slaughtering only makes things worse!

Yet foxes are more than useful!

Why then do we want to eradicate foxes? Well because they compete with hunters who release game into the wild that has been raised by them for hunting purposes, easy prey for them ... And because they allow to continue to practice this odious "hobby" all year round! The quirk in all this is that foxes are our allies in many areas. By regulating rodent populations, they not only reduce the use of chemical pesticides, harmful for everyone, but also Lyme disease, carried by ticks and rodents...

Foxes, sentient and intelligent beings to be protected

By their presence, foxes enchant forests and sometimes even our cities. Reminders of a wild nature, meeting them at the bend of a path should arouse only wonder. They are sentient beings, intelligent, capable of emotions and who in many ways resemble our canine companions. For them, One Voice launches a new campaign and asks for their removal from the list of "harmful" and the ban on their hunting!

Please sign and share our petition for foxes!

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élisabeth | Thursday 22 July 2021

On tue les renards, grands consommateurs de rongeurs et après on met du raticide pour tuer les rats... On aime vraiment se compliquer la vie... Je dois être une grande paresseuse, je me contente de rentrer mes poules le soir.

Marie | Sunday 22 November 2020

Je suis en colère de lire ça.
Laissons-les vivre, ils ont leur place sur cette planète, l'être humain est plus nuisible que le renard qui s'occupe souvent des déchets produits par l'humain... Stop!

marila | Monday 24 August 2020

laissons une place aux animaux
arrêtons d’être cruel envers eux,
respectons les

André | Sunday 23 August 2020

Le seul nuisible sur la Planète est l’être humain.