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One Voice at the centre of the bullfights at the grape harvest bullfighting street festival in Nîmes

One Voice at the centre of the bullfights at the grape harvest bullfighting street festival in Nîmes

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During the grape harvest bullfighting street festival in Nîmes, which took place from 15 to 18 September 2022, One Voice investigators filmed part of the bullfighting and the discourse of fans. On site, glamorisation of the cruelty and torture of animals did not spare the children, of which there were many in the audience.

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The images and remarks collected by One Voice investigators at the grape harvest bullfighting street festival in Nîmes are clear. Among fans, preservation of bullfighting is a true ‘fight’ for which killing enthusiasts are willing to deny the evident animal mistreatment perpetrated in arenas. “The bull is not stupidly sacrificed, it is not mistreated[…] it is respected under its animal identity”, protests Simon Casas, the director of the Nîmes arena. A statement that is violently contradicted by our videos where bulls, their bloody backs stabbed with pikes, weak and distressed, are provoked endlessly by their executioners until they are killed. Here where the director of the Nîmes arena claims that there is respect, and not “violence”, the French National Order of Veterinarians stated in 2016 that “bloody bullfighting shows[…] are in no way compatible with respect for animal welfare”. Here where fans state that bullfighting culture is “one of our freedoms of expression” and teach their young children to applaud when animals are killed, punishable by five years imprisonment and a 75,000 Euro fine under the penal code for serious mistreatment and acts of cruelty leading to the death of an animal. Departments such as Gard, the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, or even Bouches-du-Rhône cannot continue to contravene the law to torture animals in the name of tradition.

An abolitionist bill

In agreement with the opposition of the general public to bullfighting, since 87% of French people are favourable to punishing any intentional act of cruelty leading to the death of an animal according to a study sponsored by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and led by Ifop in February 2022,we are continuing our fight to, at the least, ban access to bullfighting for minors and for the closure of bullfighting schools.

We support MEP Aymeric Caron’s bill for the abolition of bullfighting in the entirety of France. After a weekend of rallying several thousand people, a rally is planned in front of the National Assembly on 24 November, the day when the bill will be debated in session.

One of our activists from the Nantes branch, Killian Leroux, has developed an interrogation tool for your MEPs. Do not hesitate to use it before Thursday!

Together we can abolish bullfighting!


Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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A second day against bullfighting: around thirty towns are rallying Together for abolition! On 19 and 20 November, around one hundred associations will be on the ground to support the abolition of bullfighting, supported by the bill voted on at the National Assembly on 24 November

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Mme Loup | Sunday 25 December 2022


Sylvie | Sunday 04 December 2022

Si j'ai bien compris, cela n'a pu être débattu à l'Assemblée nationale, mais pour la énième fois reportée. Des propos abjects de la part de ce maire concernant cette "identité" d'une région, une tradition, c'est plutôt la honte pour cette région, pour ces villes, une représentation pas du tout glorieuse de ces dernières, un anti-tourisme oui !
Je ne regarde d'ailleurs quasiment plus la totalité des vidéos, tant elles sont insoutenables, je sais, depuis longtemps, que cela existe malheureusement. Et "belle éducation" aussi vis à vis de ces jeunes enfants à "mater" ce spectacle de violence, de tuerie, de boucherie immonde. Énième malheureusement commentaire qui rejoindra la cohorte de personnes révoltées par ces soi-disant "spectacles".

Isaline | Monday 28 November 2022

J'attendais le résultat de l' Assemblée et encore une fois je suis déçue !!!
Ces pauvres taureaux vont devoir encore souffrir longtemps !!!
C'est ignoble, ces images font froid dans le dos, comment peut-on regarder ça et trouver le sommeil ?
Ce sont des sadiques !!

Véra | Friday 25 November 2022

Arrêtez ce massacre. Trop de souffrance. C'est ignoble.