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One more animal experiment: force mice to vape and then to announce fake news

One more animal experiment: force mice to vape and then to announce fake news

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A recent US study using mice to assess the dangers of e-cigarettes creates a new scientific controversy around animal testing.

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After the scandal of diesel engines tested on animals, here again are other guinea pigs that have been subjected to toxic fumes in a very controversial research. Recent experiments conducted in the United States on mice and accrediting the dangers of vaping have quickly raised voices in the scientific community to denounce these scientific untruths; other studies on rodents are in support!

Who's smoking?

The findings of a team from New York University are alarmist: exposed during 12 weeks from very high doses of vapour from e-cigarettes (the equivalent of ten years of nicotine vaping by a human), these mice have presented altered DNA in their lungs, heart and bladder, and a reduction of restorative proteins in the cells of these organs. Results clearly point towards possible carcinogenic risks from electronic cigarettes in humans. "We are without scientific truth, but with manipulation" Reacted Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg, Pulmonologist. According to him, this experiment is not representative of exposure to humans and makes assumptions between mice and humans without even comparing the effect of vaping with that of tobacco smoke.

"This does not prove that vaping causes cancer," said Peter Hajek, an English specialist in tobacco addiction, who said the study was "fake news" ... very toxic. Jacques Le Houzec, pharmacologist and tobacco expert, also recalls an earlier similar study, which totally contradicts this one. Rats exposed for 2 years, 5 days a week and 20 hours to concentrated nicotine aerosols did not develop tumours, just a loss of weight...

This debate points to the buzz sought by certain scientific publications that broadcast alarmist news from targeted studies, deserving of further work before concluding.
For One Voice, this controversy among researchers emphasizes above all that we must finally put an end to animal experimentation. It is high time we stop using the age-old excuse of the advancement of humans and then to torture and kill animals, all to present finding that are in the interest of one industry or another.

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Atrocity and abundance of animal experimentation projects in France: the banality of everyday life One Voice is asking France to encourage alternative methods to animal testing in the EU

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Nat | Saturday 10 February 2018

Quelle misère ! comment peut-t-on encore en être là ? Les scientifiques sont-t-ils réellement intelligents ?

Bonbon | Saturday 10 February 2018

Pitoyable ! Les fumeurs ne demandent pas ce genre de bêtises. Ils fument en connaissance de cause.

marie-josé | Saturday 10 February 2018

Assez d'expériences sur les animaux ils ne réagissent pas du tout comme les humains, alors les chercheurs stoppez vos folies on a vu où ont conduit certaines expériences .....

Françoise | Friday 09 February 2018

Pourquoi faut-il que ces malheureuses souris soient les victimes des personnes qui fument ? Après tout, celui qui fume c'est de sa propre volonté et il en faut pour arrêter.Je parle en connaissance de cause, j'ai fumé pendant de nombreuses années, dans ma jeunesse on ne savait pas tous les méfaits de la cigarette; un jour j'ai décidé d'arrêter de fumer parce que j'allais être grand-mère et je n'ai plus jamais pris une cigarette. Pour arrêter il faut le vouloir de soi-même et non être obligé par un tiers. Donc tous ces produits de substitutions ne fonctionnent pas, c'est le cerveau du fumeur qui doit vouloir arrêter. Il est donc encore plus impensable que de pauvres souris fassent les frais de toutes ces inventions, mais, qui rapportent de l'argent à leurs concepteurs comme d'habitude.