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No respite for wolves, slaughtered even during the cubs’ feeding period

No respite for wolves, slaughtered even during the cubs’ feeding period

Mis à jour le 13 June 2023

In France, it is possible to kill wolves all year round, with no consideration for reproduction and cubs’ feeding periods, even though they are considered a protected species. Every year, a quota of individuals to be slaughtered is set. This year, 174 could therefore be killed under the context of overriding shots for their protection. On 21 April 2023, 27 had already been killed, of which 3 were poached. However, several scientific studies agree that shots are not the solution to protect herds. Effective protection measures exist; our European neighbours apply them successfully even though the number of wolves is much higher in their area than in France.

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Wolves are sociable animals. They generally live in packs, established by a couple who will be the only ones to reproduce, only once per year. After birth, the female wolf spends the majority of the time in their lair close to the young for six to eight weeks. During this whole period, the other members of the group, and in particular her partner, take care of her and feed her. The birth and upbringing of the wolf cubs is truly a family affair. Each individual has a crucial role to play, whether it be the preparation of the lair before birth, games to teach them the rules, providing them with solid food once they are weaned, or even looking after them while their mother moves around. The loss of a member therefore unbalances the whole structure and organisation of the pack.

Shots that put the survival and diversity of the species in danger

However, in France, wolves can be slaughtered all year round, even during the birthing period. Contrary to the opinion of the French National Council for the Protection of Wildlife [Conseil national de protection de la nature], who in December 2019 stated:

« The fact that there is no longer a period when shooting is prohibited, in particular during the reproduction period, seems inconsistent with the protected status of a species for which the conservation status remains vulnerable. »

During the consultation, the Council added:

« The long-term regulation of the wolf population seems to us to be contrary to national and common law, and the biology of conservation. »

According to them, failing banning them, shots should at a minimum be done “mainly between July and December” and be “accompanied by qualitative and quantitative expertise on predation”.

For us, no shooting is justifiable. But the State, who authorise the slaughtering of wolves all year round, could at least follow these minimum recommendations… Owing to malnutrition, diseases, or even climatic conditions, the survival rate for wolf cubs is just 60% during the year following their birth. Due to perpetual shooting, the survivors can subsequently find themselves without their mother or a member of their family, putting their learning and survival in danger once more.

As well as being slaughtered, wolves are also regularly victims of road accidents, as was the case already for several of them this year. They must also face the traps placed in the wild, which take numerous victims each year. Last March, a female wolf was found strangled to death in a fox neck snare. We have filed a complaint for her.

Help us to push this fight forward: sign our petition to put a stop to the persecution of wolves.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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jane51 | Tuesday 17 October 2023

Je soutiens la défense des loups en France, il est en haut de la chaîne des prédateurs et participe à la régulation de certaines espèces animales sauvages. Sans lui, l'homme est obligé d'intervenir pour limiter le nombre de chevreuils, cervidés et sangliers qui détruisent les arbustes et les cultures.

Malucha | Friday 26 May 2023

Triste tableau de tueries commanditées par l’état et l’administration ,...qui préfèrent aux animaux libres les hordes de Tartarins du dimanche ,empêchant sans vergogne l’utilisation sans danger des espaces naturels !

Crystal | Tuesday 16 May 2023

Oui je suis contre la maltraitance sur les loups. Ils on le droit de vivre comme tout être humain.

Bruno | Tuesday 16 May 2023

Laissez les vivre tranquille