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No liming in 2020-2021? If the hunters attack they will once again find us blocking their path.

No liming in 2020-2021?  If the hunters attack they will once again find us blocking their path.

Mis à jour le 06 August 2020

The Court of Justice of the European Union was challenged once again by the Council of State on the 'Birds' directive following our complaint. And Barbara Pompili is now very seriously considering banning liming for the 2020-2021 season. It's no great surprise that the hunters are up in arms. But if they attack the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy we shall once again be there to defend the birds and show our support for this paradigm shift, which we have been calling for for years.

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A cruel 'game' finally reaching its end

Hunters in five departments in the south-east of France insist on continuing their cruel tradition, which consists in killing birds by trapping them using glue smeared on branches, a practice known as liming. Terrified, all the poor birds that become stuck struggle, are injured and sometimes die in these traps, which, moreover, are not selective. These specialist hunters can repeat until they're blue in the face that they release the small birds belonging to species they are not targeting, but by then the harm has already been done: many die from their injuries or from stress, or are used as decoys to attract other birds and are held captive for months. Poaching isn't mentioned but everyone knows that it exists.

Last year, following our request to the Council of State relating to the 2018 decrees, the European Union had clearly called France to order on the 'Birds' directive.

Was the message of the European Court of Justice heard?

At the end of April 2020 the European Court of Justice once again responded favourably to our request for a ban on liming in France, submitted as part of our complaint about the decrees of 2019 on these traditional ways of hunting birds (by liming but also using cage traps, stone-traps, claps nets and other types of net). On that occasion the Council of State once again asked Europe to take it up with the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.

Whereas her predecessors had scarcely been appointed when they rushed to sign the decrees concerned, Barbara Pompili recently spoke out in favour of reducing the quota of birds trapped using lime to zero for the 2020-2021 season. And for a good reason! This decision is the culmination of the years of fighting the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, which wouldn't budge. We are therefore delighted about the announcement by the new Minister of this long-awaited change.  

The hunters are in 'complete disagreement' – and who could have thought that they would react otherwise when their sadistic pastime could be taken away from them? – and are expected to take legal steps to protect liming. We have already faced down the elected representatives supporting this lobby at the European level. We shall not hesitate to go into the attack once again if it proves necessary. Meanwhile, to urge that traditional hunting be banned, please sign our petition!

Translated from the French by Patricia Fairey

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christiane | Saturday 05 September 2020

Ces chasseurs, quelle plaie !

laurence | Thursday 20 August 2020

C'est une honte. La cruauté à l'état brut.

Karine et Philippe | Tuesday 04 August 2020

Madame Barbara POMPILI fraîchement nommée au Ministère de la Transition Ecologique n'est guère plus préoccupée de la cause animale que Madame LE BORGNE qui occupait ce poste précédemment, étant tout simplement sous les ordres de notre arrogant et cynique personnage à l'Etat, sieur MACRON qui est un grand ami des chasseurs et pour cause, au sein de son gouvernement, il y a des Ministres férus de la chasse et des corridas, cela en dit long sur leur engagement envers le bien-être animal. Monsieur Loïc DOMBREVAL du LREM tente de faire passer des lois en faveur des animaux qui n'ont pas le pouvoir de s'exprimer afin de se défendre, mais c'est sans compter sur les députés de son parti qui sont en majorité à l'hémicycle et qui sont opposés au bien-être animal, c'est l'histoire du serpent qui se mord la queue, on tourne en rond, on nous ballade. C'est pourquoi, il est nécessaire de signer toutes les pétitions, les partager sur les réseaux sociaux et adhérer auprès d'une association de la cause animale en fonction des petits moyens de chacun afin de les soutenir dans ce rude combat et surtout d'aller voter dans moins de deux ans pour les droits des animaux et des nôtres.

Nanou | Monday 03 August 2020

Depuis des décennies de combats pour dénoncer l'exploitation, l'assassinat des animaux de toutes les espèces !! La majorité de l'humanité ( et nos familles , voisins, amis, etc. ) restent eux- mêmes indifférents. Ils se montrent tous en apparence touchés, mais dans leur quotidien ils ne font rien pour assister ou sauver ne serait-ce que quelques individus par an !! Ils préfèrent d'ailleurs les manger et ignorer ceux qu'ils ne consomment pas personnellement .. Il n' y a de l' empathie que pour ce qui touche personnellement les gens ! Les autre peuvent agoniser, ils détournent le regard ou leur attention .. C'est pathétique