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New Song the valiant horse riddled with lead pellets!

New Song the valiant horse riddled with lead pellets!

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Is it to scare and put pressure on a family (a human couple and their companions New Song the horse and his friend donkey) that the marsh which they own, has been the scene for a month of drama that nearly became a disaster? Or was it just a crude desire to make animals suffer? Destruction of the fences, setting fire to a shed, troughs overturned, then since that was not enough, the poor horse was targeted with fire! He paid with his health. One Voice goes to court for the New Song family: the culprits must be found and punished!

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Since November 11th, the horse New Song and the donkey who keeps him company have been harassed. The fence of their paddock was cut down, poles were broken, their troughs moved and turned upside-down ... They were taken from their home by strangers who on several occasions sought to make them disappear. This stratagem did not have the expected result, a fire was then lit in the corner of the shed that serves as a shelter, fortunately it was quickly extinguished. But the wickedness of these people involved did not stop there: a few days later, the poor horse was hit twice by a rifle in his side and leg. Only 14 pieces of shot were removed out of 150 that hit the horse, this was recorded by the veterinarian who treated him urgently. 

New Song had spent that morning with his human friends. But then two hours after their departure, gun shots riddled his body, scared, in pain, bleeding and soon to be overwhelmed by fatigue.

The veterinarian found swelling from an oedema and wounds, although New Song's life is not at stake here, the pain and stress he has experienced is real. The life of the horse is forever upset. It will take at least a year to recover and cannot resume all its past activities. For our lawyer, "there is no doubt that the author of these facts was willing to inflict pain or even death of the horse, having fired point-blank twice at his flanks."

We have therefore pressed charges for acts of cruelty against a tamed domestic animal with the public prosecutor at the Sables-d'Olonne High Court, and our Zoe Cell will also represent the family of New Song.

We do not know anything about the people involved at the moment, but all of these attacks which this family has suffered and who adore their animals can only raise questions and disgust. Whether it is to pressure and threaten them or whether New Song and the donkey caused any inconvenience to people in the neighbourhood, it is still unacceptable to target animals!

Julia Mothé
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Louloute | Monday 18 February 2019

Une fois de plus des animaux sont pris pour cible par des dégénérés avides de souffrance. Il faut IMPERATIVEMENT retrouver ces tortionnaires afin qu'ils soient punis comme il se doit par des peines de prison ferme et des amendes importantes. Il faut également que des lois condamnant tout acte de violence faites aux animaux soient votées et RESPECTEES. A quand un gouvernement qui prendre en compte la souffrance des animaux qui subissent chaque jour la malveillance de certains individus ??????

Bastet17 | Monday 07 January 2019

Pourquoi ils installent pas des cameras video???!!! Moi, j'ai mis. Ça m'a changé la vie.Ça coute pas cher... Il faut agir !! Et dans le village les gens savent qui c'est...

John | Monday 31 December 2018

Hell awaits these people now to be inhumane to the great animals here now

marinette | Friday 28 December 2018

Il faudrait que les propriétaires installent des caméras et là je pense qu'ils trouveraient vite le ou les coupables.