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Nestlé responsible for cruel botox animal tests

Nestlé responsible for cruel botox animal tests

Mis à jour le 30 August 2018

One Voice is joining, as part as the ECEAE coalition, the Aerzte Gegen Tierversuch's campaign.The goal is to end the mice experimentation for the botox market, by Nestlé.

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Edit on August 30, 2018:

Thanks to the mobilization of citizens, we have obtained from Ipsen that alternative tests to the poisoning of mice with "botox" be set up!
The horrible suffering of a death by slow paralysis and choking, after very painful injections in the abdomen, will be spared tens of thousands of mice each year in the European Union and Switzerland!

Science must equip itself with other methods that are more reliable than animal experiments, and devoid of cruelty. This victorious episode demonstrates that this is possible. The tests will now be performed on cells grown in the laboratory.
What a leap forward for animals! It's a magnificent victory.

The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), an alliance of leading European animal organisations has unveiled the involvement of Nestlé in cruel poisoning tests on mice for botulinum toxin (commonly known as botox). The Swiss-based food giant has entered the lucrative botox market. While some botox manufacturers are already using non-animal tests, Nestlé sells products for which there is no animal-free test approved, and thus becomes responsible for immense additional animal suffering. During a Europe-wide Week of Action (Name of group) and their European partners in the ECEAE are calling upon Nestlé to push Ipsen to stop selling Dysport® and Azzalure® until a humane test is approved by the authorities. 

Occasionally used for medical purposes, the bacterial poison botulinum toxin is best known for its cosmetic use to temporarily reduce facial lines and wrinkles. Each batch of botox is tested in the controversial LD50 (Lethal Dose) poisoning test. Groups of mice are injected in the abdomen with different dosages of botulinum toxin in order to find the dose which kills half the animals. This involves appalling suffering for the animals who suffocate slowly through muscle paralysis while fully conscious. 

Continuous public protests have led to the manufacturers Allergan and Merz using humane cell-based tests since 2011 and 2015 respectively, replacing most of their LD50 tests on mice. Nestlé, however, sells the botox products Dysport® and Azzalure® of the UK-based manufacturer Ipsen. Ipsen has recently claimed to have submitted an animal-free test to authorities but it remains unknown if this test will be approved. In the meantime Ipsen continues to commission the LD50 tests, using tens of thousands of animals every year. 

By taking over the Galderma venture it had together with L’Oreal, and the purchase of marketing rights for Dysport® in North-America from the American company Valeant Pharmaceuticals - the main competitor of market leader Allergan - Nestlé has developed a hugely lucrative and fast-growing market.

The Swiss food company is again in the focus of the Europe-wide protest against botox animal testing. From 25thto 30thJune ECEAE members in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland will be holding a Week of Action across Europe to protest against the cruel killing of hundred thousands of mice for botulinum toxin. The Swiss ECEAE member organisation Swiss League against Animal Experiments and for the Rights of Animals (LSCV) has launched an online petition against Nestlé’s animal tests. The Europe-wide annual protest marks the first approval of an animal-free test on 30thJune 2011. 

(Name of speaker of a group): “By entering the botox market Nestlé is responsible for cruel and outdated animal tests. It is appalling and unacceptable that hundreds of thousands of mice are cruelly poisoned for the mere profit of the world biggest food company. The public doesn’t accept animal experiments, especially when it comes to beauty products.”

To write a letter to Nestlé:

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karine | Thursday 02 July 2020

Horrible ce que vous faîtes!!!!!Vous n'avez pas le droit de faire souffrir les animaux :Aucun!!!!!!!

MH34 | Thursday 02 July 2020

C'est inadmissible surtout pour une toxine qui vise le regonflement des rides des vieilles peaux. Quel est le lien avec les souris ? Surtout depuis tant d'années que ce produit cosmétique existe. C'est ignoble de faire ça pour de l'argent.

C AM | Tuesday 18 September 2018

Il est inadmissible de faire souffrir des animaux innocents pour des tests à destination cosmétique, je boycotte tous les produits de la marque Nestlé et j'insisterai auprès de tout mon entourage, mes amis, ma famille, l'école de ma fille etc... pour qu'ils fassent de même.

Fanny66 | Monday 03 September 2018

Comment ne pas boycotter NESTLE après avoir eu connaissance des horreurs infligées a ces millions de victimes silencieuses.