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Maya the elephant is at her end!

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Will it be that Maya collapses one day so that the public finally grasps the horror of her situation? A recent veterinary report tells us that this old elephant is now exhausted. One Voice files a complaint for acts of cruelty.

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Born in freedom 54 years ago, Maya has gone from circus to circus and from trailer to marquee throughout her life. But it is likely to end soon, according to the report of a Veterinarian consultant for One Voice, who considers her condition extremely alarming. This weekend, our investigators were on site. Despite our cry of warning, nothing has changed, except two jailers who now monitor her...

Her thinness is scary to see. Her limbs have become so thin that they hardly seem to be able to support her. Her limbs supporting her weight are in terrible pain, by adopting these aberrant postures to make children laugh. Many wounds cover her head and shoulders. Blows from billhooks during training? Finally, while elephants love to be in a group, in large families, Maya is isolated in a tiny pen. The circus claims she is in heat, but that seems unlikely at her age. On the other hand, her mental distress has clearly worsened. More than ever, Maya suffers from violent stereotypical disorders. She "senses" the air and surroundings without end the emptiness with her trunk. How could it be otherwise? Nothing distracts her from her abysmal boredom, except for a bundle of straw and tarmac floor soaking in urine under her chained legs.

The Veterinarian concludes: The conditions of Maya's detention are animal cruelty. This elephant must be placed urgently in a sanctuary adapted to her needs, as the law and ethics require. If not, she will die.

From this alarming observation will soon come the previous reports of the Veterinary Inspection relating to Maya. The Administrative Documents Access Commission will allow us to access them soon, following our request dated May 15th, 2017.

Together with a complaint of cruelty, One Voice also filed an application to the Administrative Court concerned, to request that the Prefect be summoned, under penalty of 1000 euros per day, to withdraw Maya from the circus and hand over to the association the last three reports concerning the elephant's state of health.

Maya is exhausted; One Voice will do everything to save her! Already, we have reserved her place in the Elephant Haven sanctuary that is ready to receive her in any emergency.

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Maryse | Monday 21 May 2018

Le cirque Medrano à Nice ce jour, ai vu 3 pauvres éléphants sur bitume. Maya appartient t elle à ce cirque. Il faut agir pour eux merci

Joliane | Monday 21 May 2018

Sommes Outrés par l'Exploitation de ce pauvre animal qu'est Maya l'elephante en l'occurrence, Mais également pour Tous les animaux sauvages, comme elle, qui sont utilisés pour le cirque et autres...

Samuel James | Saturday 05 May 2018

Save her

animaux | Monday 20 November 2017

Je félicite One Voice pour son dévouement à la cause animale et je déplore que les décisions prises par les vétérinaires soient plutôt du côté des exploiteurs d'animaux !...Maya devrait être vue par des vétérinaires hors du circuit des cirques, ce qui serait normal et donc des vétérinaires objectifs, libres et consciencieux ! Malheureusement il est clair que ses propriétaires n'ont qu'une idée c'est de faire le bras de fer contre ceux qui défendent la cause animale et donc Maya. Honte à eux ! et honte à ceux qui ne veulent pas voir la détresse et la souffrance de cette éléphante qui n'en peut plus de servir de marionnette à des personnes sans conscience... Où est donc passée la loi sur les Droits des Animaux ???? j'en appelle à toutes les associations de défense animale pour dénoncer cette maltraitance (une de plus...) MERCI DE FAIRE PLUS QUE LE MAXIMUM pour intervenir dans ce problème qui n'a que trop duré !