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Maya: The circus puts One Voice on trial and refuses to give any proof of life

Maya: The circus puts One Voice on trial and refuses to give any proof of life

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Maya has not been seen alive since November by our investigators. To dispel the fears and the rumour which has arisen, our lawyer contacted those of the circus: without reply! No return on her state of health or her state of wellbeing ... Today, our concern is immense.

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The circus that owns and exploits Maya is suing us for losses on Tuesday 13th of February 2018 at 13:30 at the Tribunal de Grande Instance Strasbourg, claiming damage to their reputation and poor public attendance. They want to prevent us from continuing to publicly defend this elephant that is in great suffering.

They are charging us with a lawsuit, and they do not want to give any proof that Maya is alive!

We fear that she died during those long weeks when the circus had disappeared. Did he hide himself away so that we could no longer observe him and his circus, and to leave Maya in agonizing agony without us being able to raise the alarm? We have to know because we will continue to demand justice for her. Those responsible for her ordeal will not go unpunished. Our complaint for acts of cruelty is being investigated, and in January we sent additional information to the authorities in charge of Maya's case.

But we have to know where she is. We are in regular contact with the prefecture who decided to send an expert specialized in elephants to see Maya. But how can you do this without being able to find her? We ask you to write courteously to the prefect of Lot et Garonne, the guarantor to the welfare of animals living in its territory, to inform him of the anxiety that assails us concerning Maya. Is she dead? Did they hide her? In what conditions does she live now? Where is she? Is she even in France? Has she finished her days in the frozen loneliness of her transport trailer?

Thank you for your mobilization. For Maya and for all the circus slaves, our anger and our tears are immeasurable but we will not let this dampen our fighting spirit!

Twitter : @Prefet47
By mail: Mrs. Patricia WILLAERT, Lot-et-Garonne Prefecture, Place Verdun, 47920 Agen

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SYLVIE | Monday 12 February 2018

Merci à ONE VOICE de soutenir toutes les causes animales,Mme la Préfète,il faut que vous interveniez et usiez de votre pouvoir pour faire triompher le droit au respect et à la défense des animaux,sauvez MAYA et tous les autres "exploités",faites fermer les cirques d'un autre âge,utilisant les animaux gardés esclaves,VIVENT LES CIRQUES LIBRES SANS ANIMAUX!!!AGISSEZ et sans tarder!!!

Jane | Sunday 11 February 2018

En Suisse, le cirque Knie, l’éléphant était le plus grand point de leur numéro.

Ils arrêtent de travailler avec l’éléphant , pour garder une image pas trop négative.

À vous de faire... les français, à vous de vous battre, à vous de ne plus aller au cirque et spécialement celui là!!

Catou | Sunday 11 February 2018

C'est impensable de nous cacher ce que cette éléphante est devenue ??
Vous n'avez aucun droit de garder cet animal malade épuisé .
Nous devons savoir .
Paix à son âme si elle nous a quitté ??

nicolus | Sunday 11 February 2018

Encore une histoire d'argent - il faut absolument la retrouver et l'enlever de ce calvaire qu'elle subit - honte à tous ceux qui ferment les yeux ou qui soutiennent ces gens ignobles - heureusement que des associations comme One Voice se mobilisent et même elles ont du mal à faire justice - Maya je pense très fort à toi et....peut-être que ton calvaire est fini ?????