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Mani, the victim of a trap, almost lost a leg. One Voice is filing a complaint

Mani, the victim of a trap, almost lost a leg. One Voice is filing a complaint

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At the beginning of February, Mani was found dying, a snare failing to sever his leg. Even though they are permitted by law, these traps nonetheless cause their targets to suffer. Each year, thousands of animals are trapped simply because they would cause damage to human activities. Mani was its collateral victim.

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Mani's story

On 12 February, upon returning home, a couple glimpsed a listless cat in their garage. Upon approaching him in amazement, they realised that the back right leg of the animal was trapped in a snare. Acting as a tourniquet, the foot was extremely swollen. Taken in by the Pattes Pas Trouille Association and taken to the vets, they guessed that this cat, given the name Mani, had spent at least three days with the trap around his leg! They also noted a wound due to severe constriction, oedema, venous stasis (when the blood does not circulate correctly in the vein), and even gangrenous lesions. At that point, the worst was to be feared and amputation would be considered.

A question remains hanging in the air... How could Mani have freed himself? Could he himself have broken the metal wire by struggling, completely terrified? These traps have been designed to immobilise foxes or even badgers, which is unlikely... Did the trapper prefer to cut their equipment, not wishing to bother helping a suffering animal?

A case that is unfortunately not isolated

Although Mani had the chance to find help and to be cared for, this is not the case for thousands of wild animals who die each year following entrapment. Killers or not, these traps are completely legal. They are used to kill species likely to cause damage, animals accused of committing alleged damage to human interests, while they are simply trying to survive in the wild, which has been degraded by humans.

Depending on the model, these traps snap the neck, clamp a limb, or imprison the victim in a box. While animals do not die at the time, they will be slaughtered by the trapper after long hours of waiting and of terror. As well as making animals unfairly considered as ‘pests’ suffer, these torture instruments are not selective and there are many collateral victims. Last month, a wolf (belonging to a protected species) was found dead, crushed in a fox snare. A few weeks ago, Cooper, a border collie, was caught in a leghold trap which are in fact banned.

Against all odds, after two months of recuperation, Mani is better. Weeks of meticulous care, antibiotics, pain relief, ointments, cortisone, baths, dressings, but also and above all, weeks of suffering: necrotic flesh, decomposition, and loss of muscle and tendons before them regenerating. Today, this survivor is okay and his leg was saved. Many are not so lucky.

This beautiful black feline has since joined a loving family and will no longer need to fight to survive in the outdoors. Unlike him, millions of stray cats continue to suffer every day in our streets and countryside.

For Mani and so that the ordeal that he has been through are not forgotten, we have filed a complaint and we will also represent Pattes Pas Trouille. To put a stop to these barbaric practices and to demand an urgent national plan for them alongside us, sign our petition.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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trochu | Monday 17 April 2023

Horrible, pauvre Mani et heureusement qu'il ait été trouvé à temps par des personnes humaines et aimantes, de tels pièges doivent être interdits définitivement c'est inacceptable qu'ils soient encore autorisés, car des malheureux animaux sauvages et autres animaux, qui en sont les victimes premières, souffrent le martyre en silence et agonisent dans le silence et cela n'est pas supportable du tout. Tous ces chasseurs et braconniers ne sont que honteux, des créatures immondes et ignobles prêtes à tout pour tuer des animaux inoffensifs.

Noisette | Monday 17 April 2023

Il est inadmissible que les pièges soient autorisés et fassent autant souffrir les animaux, quelle que soit l'espèce.

Nancy | Monday 17 April 2023

Mettez fin à ces pratiques barbares