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Lynching and crucifixion, a night of horror for Janeiro

Lynching and crucifixion, a night of horror for Janeiro

Mis à jour le 12 February 2019

On the night of January 31st to February 1, Janeiro, an adorable red cat suffered unthinkable violence. He came out alive, but lost a paw. One Voice presses charges against a person not named for acts of cruelty towards a domestic animal with the public prosecutor of Chartres.

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Thursday morning, his human companion, surprised not to see him appear at the call of his name at the time of giving him food, went looking for him to make sure everything was fine for his little friend. Suddenly, Janeiro's cries of distress were heard, recognizing the familiar voice. Was he locked up somewhere? No, it was much worse!

On the building site of a house under construction, he saw his cat, hooked on a fence, his legs spread, screaming in pain. He had not got stuck on the fence by accident: his front right paw was crushed horribly, fixed by wire that had pierced her.

Shocked by the unprecedented violence Janeiro had suffered, he immediately took her to the vet. The vet, to allow the poor cat to survive had to carry out the amputation of his right front paw. In all likelihood, moreover he was kicked in the stomach or in the ribs. After a few days of observation at the vet’s surgery, he is now courageously recovering his emotions.

Similar cases have been reported in the Dreux sector. This kind of violence on cats is far too common. It is essential that they do not remain unpunished, so as not to be considered trivial or without consequences! To attack a domestic animal is a crime, which can be punished with a prison sentence! Our Cell Zoe will go to trial to get justice for him.

The photographs in this article belong to the companion of Janeiro

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marie | Thursday 16 August 2018

j'ai lu l'histoire du petit chat janeiro, c'est horrible, et bien d'autres encore, ils faut punir fortement toutes ces personnes qui font du mal à ces petits innocents

Armelle | Thursday 22 March 2018

Mais où va-t-on ?!!!
On croit avoir vu l'impensable, l'insoutenable et non, il y a toujours pire.
Peine maximale pour ces monstres, ces gros malades.

Chatdogs | Thursday 22 February 2018

Prison à vie pour ce salopard qui est capable d une telle cruauté envers un pauvre chat sans défense

aure | Wednesday 21 February 2018

le monde est rempli de fous !!! que de vie animales menacées par les uns et les autres !