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Loud gun shots to force frightened wolves from their sanctuary

Loud gun shots to force frightened wolves from their sanctuary

Mis à jour le 19 November 2018

We announced charges against the management of the Mercantour National Park for intentional disturbance of a protected species and forcing wolves to flee from the heart of the park, towards certain death. We have won the first battle.

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Force out the wolves to facilitate their massacre

At the request of the Prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes, the director of the park authorized farmers to fire loud scaring shots, in order to scare the wolves out of the heart of the park and out of the sanctuary. It was therefore expected that from October 15th for a month, the park was full of the sound of loud gun fire! The Earth was going to soak up the blood of these magnificent wolves, which not only reign in perfect balance with the species of this park but enchant the area with their calls, their playful family games, and further more enrich this area by their mere presence.

The park must protect animals, certainly not be a provider for "agricultural safaris"

The primary mission of the Mercantour National Park is to the preservation and to preserving the tranquillity of the species that live there. The heart of the Park is an untouchable sanctuary where wild life is safe. This scaring operation is a first sign of acceptance to see the wolves slaughtered near the park. The temptation to eliminate them in one's heart is likely to become the alternative. 

Once and for all, these recurrent anti-wolf campaigns must stop.

A common fight with park staff

The reaction of the employees of the park did not take long, like us, they are angry. They denounced the unilateral decision from the management of the national park, taken against the advice of the scientific council and without consultation from the authorities (as must be done beforehand in any public structure). Some have resigned in the face of this scandalous decision. The loud noise of these gun shots will result in a complete disruption of the fragile balance that usually reigns within this ecosystem. All animals will be subjected to a month of stress and terror!

The first decline from the park management but the pressure must be maintained

Faced with our reactions and that from animal advocates to all of this, the management is stalling. Thus, this Monday, October 29th, the director contacted us to explain that the planned measures for October 15thhad not yet been implemented and probably would not be implemented. We will, however, maintain the strictest vigilance.

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Let’s rally for the wolves: we are participating in great numbers in the ministry’s public consultations! Persecution of animals’ bodies: but how far will they go?

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mme Loup | Monday 04 May 2020

Que d'atrocités faites à des animaux sans défense !
Heureusement qu'il existe des associations comme la vôtre qui luttent pour défendre ces pauvres bêtes qui agonisent. Ces monstres devraient être derrière les barreaux.

Bastet | Thursday 10 January 2019

L'éducation des enfants concernant le respect de TOUS les animaux doit impérativement entrer dans les moeurs et devenir un réflexe. La Planète Terre n'appartient pas qu'aux humains elle a aussi été créée pour tous les animaux. Nous sommes TOUS les enfants de la Terre.
Et malheureusement l'HOMME est le plus ignoble de ses enfants.

Marinette | Saturday 10 November 2018

C'est triste, l'homme ne pense qu'à tuer, éliminer tout ce qui le gêne. Un jour, c'est l'homme qui sera éliminé de la planète. Ces animaux sont magnifiques, laissons leur la liberté.

Catele | Monday 05 November 2018

Y en a marre de ces chasseurs qui chassent pour le plaisir de tuer et non pour manger. Et pire encore sont ceux qui donnent l’autorisation et aident pour que ces tueries aient lieu.
Laissez ces loups et autres habitants de cet endroit, et partout ailleurs, vivrent en paix. Que nos petits enfants et les générations futures connaissent eux aussi les animaux en libertés dans une nature préservé.
La France me fait honte parfois.