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Lionesses and lions in the grip of an unlawful wren.

Lionesses and lions in the grip of an unlawful wren.

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This circus has the authorization to have four lions yet they have six which participate in the shows. One of the lionesses who performed on stage Wednesday September 26th gave birth the next day to two lion cubs, so we now have eight, double the number allowed. On the following Sunday, this poor beast again in front of the crowd, the sawdust, the canvas of the arena and again suffering along with her congeners. For her new born cubs, no trace. We must save these lions from the clutches of this circus.

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An outrageous situation, a powerful mobilization is necessary.

At the beginning of the same week, the authorities contacted us to seize the lions who should not be in this circus. Removal of the big cats and to place them in a secure sanctuary in South African run by our partners Born Free requires complex planning and organization. In two days, our team had put everything in place: specialized veterinarians, a truck to direct them to a place of quarantine in a park in Belgium. The first couple of days would be to prepare them for the departure by plane to their country of Africa. We must commend at this point, the availability, involvement and presence at our side, the gendarmerie. The seizure was to take place on Sunday at dawn. Friday late afternoon, we are told that everything has been cancelled. No seizure and the court case closed. The circus can go back on the roads.

What has become of the lion cubs? No answer. The wild animals return again to the caged trucks, the endless road and this lion tamer dressed in red and glitter. He has not yet understood that we do not want any longer the need of his ranting and raving. May he leave these animals in peace. These animals have nothing to do with these circus games of Paris or anywhere else. Obviously, in high places, we consider that the law is not made for circuses, they are beyond the law. We must believe that in "High places", one is afraid of a revolt with cotton candy or with toffee apples. Of love, there is none for animals in this world.

This circus and the others, that dare everything ...

This circus belongs to a "big" circus family, and contrary to the image it wants to give, it is not a small travelling circus, it is a real consortium of entertainment establishments, that all intensively exploit animals and not only wild animals. They have made a specialty of challenging the authorities for years. Do not be fooled by the photo, published in 2017, of this brave man caressing a poor apathetic lioness through her cage. We understand how trainers know how to pose smiling and approachable in front of the lens. This family runs an impressive number of circuses throughout Europe, some of which bear the prestigious name, in this environment, of Zavatta. To read their chosen names on the internet is to give an air of splendour and grandiose. On the flip side is only violence and abuse, it is a prison world where representation and money accounts for everything. 

A menagerie of captive animals in danger and suffering

We constantly intervene with the authorities or the courts to try to save all the animals held by these circuses. They are numerous and of all kinds: lions, zebras, elephants, pythons, hippopotamus, bovids, camels, dromedaries...a menagerie that could envy any zoo. Many of these beasts are illegally detained with regards to the law, however insignificant and inadequate, we have condemned and attacked this in front of the Council of the State.

For circuses without animals

Large circus families question their practices and the end of the presence of animals in their shows. We support this awareness and sensitivity of all living things. These are the degrading traditions that these big names of the circus world now challenge, some have already taken the plunge. Acrobats, jugglers, illusionists or clowns will bring more joy to all, than those of wild animals who spend most of their time rotting in cages.

We must save these lionesses and this lion, and find the two lion cubs!

This circus and others do not follow the path towards circuses without animals. Sawdust, where they let these lions’ decay, must clog up their brains. One Voice demands at least the respect of the law, the gendarmes are committed to our side and the majority of the French want these practices to cease. This circus must be accountable and comply with the regulations.

Daniel Ellezam
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The fight for the lions at the Nouveau Cirque Triomphe continues in Grenoble Animal defenders threatened with knives, insulted, and hit by the Muller Circus.

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Aline | Thursday 11 June 2020

Ça suffit ces horreurs! Il faut interdire cela définitivement, c'est honteux et inadmissible. Il faut interdire les cirques avec animaux sauvages!

amie des animaux | Thursday 11 June 2020

De voir la façon dont sont traités ces animaux dans les cirques et l'état déplorable de Jon, et de tant d'autres, me ravage le cœur. Mon âme pleure!
Seuls des êtres vides d'amour et de compassion peuvent traiter des animaux de la sorte !

Encore et toujours des millions de "merci" pour tous ceux que vous sauvez de leur calvaire et de leur vie de misère !

J'espère que justice sera rendue et que ces maltraitants cruels, sans conscience et sans cœur, auront le retour de bâton qu'ils méritent, en proportion des souffrances qu'ils auront infligées !!! On ne peut pas continuer à laisser faire de telles horreurs !!!

Bastet | Friday 09 November 2018

Toujours à vos côtés pour continuer ce combat.

wombat25 | Saturday 20 October 2018

STOP à ces traditions dégradantes, cette vie de misère et de soumission et ces cages où croupissent des animaux sauvages.