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Let’s stop the ibex in Bargy from being massacred! Killing shots have been authorised in Haute-Savoie since Spring

Let’s stop the ibex in Bargy from being massacred!  Killing shots have been authorised in Haute-Savoie since Spring

Mis à jour le 20 November 2023

Last Friday we filed a joint plea with our partners against a Prefectural decree that will allow heavy and indiscriminate culling shots on ibex in Haute-Savoie, from this Spring. The emergency interim hearing to obtain the suspension will take place at the Grenoble Administrative Tribunal on 11 May at 10am.

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Edit from 17 May at 6:25pm
Victory for the Bargy ibex! The Grenoble Administrative Tribunal has ruled to suspend the Prefectural decree allowing the killing of 170 individuals.

However, in the 2022-2030 period, this latest decree was announced on 17 March and involves up to 170 unbranded ibex, to which the branded animals are added, with the young females being targeted as a priority with the aim of supposedly establishing a healthy group. In other words, they are welcoming a shameful massacre.

Under the pretext of fighting against brucellosis and under pressure from local reblochon producers, the Haute-Savoie Prefecture has signed a document that allows, until 2030, twenty ibex to be killed each year, whether they are infected or not, to then be analysed post-mortem. All of this to the disappointment of the 84% who are against this decree proposal... Massacring Alpine Ibex (Capra ibex) that are in good health is completely grotesque when the species is protected on an international level and while several hundreds of individuals live in the Bargy mountains.

Legal actions repeated year after year!

How many legal actions will be necessary to make it clear that the survival of Bargy’s ibex is inherent to that of the ecosystems? Especially as it has been shown that nine ibex in ten are not diseased... We must immediately put a stop to this proposed massacre!

It is not the first time that we are attacking decrees to defend Bargy’s ibex. We have increased our actions since the first case in 2012, then in 2018 as well as in 2019 to save these majestic mountain inhabitants.

An interim suspension and an annulment appeal filed with our partners

We are reiterating our process, this time shared with Animal Cross, ASPAS, AVES, FNE Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, FNE Haute-Savoie, and the LPO nationale, hoping to be heard.

The absolute priority is to preserve all ibex in good health in the Bargy mountains, which is 96% of the current population. Shooting them when they are not unwell is as absurd as flying a helicopter dozens of times above birds’ nests which are becoming rare and are extremely vulnerable. Protected birds of prey are in serious danger with these irresponsible practices. Humans purposefully too often put their selfish interests before those of animals and nature, which are necessary for their own survival.

In this critical situation, the urgent applications judge has set the hearing for 11 May. While waiting for it, our partner FNE Haute-Savoie has launched a petition that we invite you to sign.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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trochu | Thursday 05 May 2022

Mais aucun animal n'est épargné, jusqu'aux bouquetins qui eux dérangent qui ? les chasseurs et éleveurs comme d'habitude. C'est insensé et inacceptable. Une fois de plus, tous ces merveilleux animaux des montagnes et forêts sont chez eux et à leur place, et non les humains, et ils n'ont pas à y être chassés traqués et tués, juste pour le plaisir de tuer comme toujours en France ! Ce pays est devenu un état sans plus aucune grandeur, valeur ni respect en tout genre et encore moins envers les animaux et nous devons agir pour faire interdire de tels massacres honteux et scandaleux.

Carotte | Monday 02 May 2022

Il est temps de protéger ce que nous détruisons tous les jours, notre nature, notre biodiversité, notre belle planète.

Shogun74 | Sunday 01 May 2022

Les bouquetins, on abat les malades et les bien portant, chaque année ça recommence, et nos bons Préfets de Haute Savoie, ne changent rien, une décision grotesque, mais ne pas chercher les biens portants, ça sumplifie, cette année encore une fois, j'ai envoyé à Mr le Préfet un courrier resté sans réponse,comme les précédents courriers, je gronde de colère....

Yvabra | Sunday 01 May 2022

Je signe car je voudrais tant que ce carnage soit évité ! Il faut trouver une autre solution pour déjà au moins sauver ceux qui ne sont pas malades ,mais ce sont des animaux de la nature et peut-être bénéficient-ils de l'écosystème .Arrêtons de toujours éliminer !!