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Léa has left us

Léa has left us

Mis à jour le 27 August 2020

Léa, this sweet dog that we have followed since 2016 after she endured the worst abuse, has passed away ... in peace. Surrounded by the infinite love of her foster family, she will have tasted the joy of living for more than four years.

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Lysiane and Philippe are upset. They feel a terrible void since the disappearance of Léa, the pretty dog they had taken in after her ordeal. Extremely strong ties were forged between them and the former animal that had suffered in the hands of a Zoophilic, whom we managed to have imprisoned in 2016.

Terrible loss

The couple wrote us a poignant testimony. Of course, they knew the history of this female, the ignominy she had suffered, her heart weakness. But, even with the heightened awareness that it would not be eternal, the mourning her death turns out to be very difficult: “Léa had taken a place that we would never have suspected, on October 30th, 2015, when, becoming a family of welcome, she had entered into our lives. "

Four years of happiness

It was with immense generosity that these benevolent humans opened their doors to the unfortunate female. We offered them to take charge of Léa's behavioural support in order to help her rebuild. We followed her closely, also assuming the heavy treatments she needed. Her heart had suffered badly from past assaults ... Yet, surrounded by love and patience, she had managed to gradually heal the physical and psychological traumas of her previous existence. An intelligent and sensitive little dog, she had known how to put aside her sufferings to adopt her human companions "in a sharing relationship and bearer of immense joys". Thanks to them, she was able to enjoy many pleasures. She loved the seaside in particular, "demanding with great vigor to feel the sand under her paws and the great outdoors to finally breathe freely". But it was above all the presence of those close to her, the many hugs and the attentions that filled her.

United forever

Lysiane and Philippe's unwavering presence at her side, endless games with Axel, the other dog in the household, enabled Léa to rediscover carefreeness and a communicative desire to live. Today, as the fatigue finally prevails, we share in the grief of his family. But we must keep the flame that inhabited her in our hearts and think about the wonderful years she has had with her owners. She will shine forever.

Marie-Sophie Bazin
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SILVANA | Friday 22 January 2021

Merci du fond du coeur pour l'amour que vous avez donné à Léa et pour tout ce que vous faites pour tous les animaux. Repose en paix jolie Léa. Nous ne t'oublierons pas.

Guillemette | Friday 15 January 2021

Merci pour tout l'amour que vous lui avez porté. Maintenant elle brille là-haut comme une étoile.

Yànnique | Friday 15 January 2021

Résilience animale !

moumoune | Friday 15 January 2021

Merci à vous pour le bonheur que vous avait donné à Léa, elle a fini sa vie heureuse. Merci pour cette petite puce, je sais ce que vous ressentez avec sont départ, c'est très dur mais elle a eu 4 ans de bonheur et d'amour grâce à vous. Elle pense à vous aux paradis des chiens pour ce que vous lui avez donné. Petite Léa repose en paix, merci à vous et courage où elle est, elle est heureuse!