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Latvia must renounce the murder of mink for their fur!

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The animal welfare association, Dzīvnieku brīvība, our partner in the Fur Free Alliance, has just published a survey at the heart of mink farming in Latvia. The images follow each other and are similar. This must end, once and for all! Europe must show the way!

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Surveys are coming from all over Europe. We told you just a few weeks ago that Tušti narvai in Lithuania, whose images are very raw and continue to horrify us. No border makes any difference for the poor mink who are the victims of this blind sector. The investigation of Dzīvnieku brīvība is no exception to the rule.

The mink as always are locked in tiny cages, the bars hurt their legs, they have no access to water, they spend several hours a day when until they are free ... Those who are alone in their cage, like the others, have stereotypical movements and they self-harm. Those who share the same cage come into conflict, fight, devour each other. The children are, for some, killed by the older ones.

This suffering, these nightmarish scenes, these dangers, constitute the entirety of their lives. We had highlighted this in 2016 during our investigation in six French farms. For them, no escape except death, so young (just a few months) then gassed, or electrocuted, after so much stress, anxiety and misery. Those who manage to escape make the biodiversity of the European countryside poorer. For the environment, it is no better, the mink farms are extremely polluting in wastewater, saturated with ammonia. And tanneries are amongst the most toxic factories.

No, fur is not a green product, nor a luxury product!

It is the skin from sentient beings who have suffered the pain of death, it is a deleterious carbon footprint for the planet, and in the end, they are clothes that bring only shame to those who wear them. To make informed purchases, it is also possible to follow our labels guaranteeing the absence of products derived from animals.

When will we see the end of these farms? In Latvia as in France, they must close! Please sign our petition to close these mink fur farms, which continue to grow in our countryside!

Julia Mothé
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