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Killing at the cemetery: in Moselle, wild boars are slaughtered between gravestones

Killing at the cemetery: in Moselle, wild boars are slaughtered between gravestones

Mis à jour le 22 November 2023

Killing animals in a cemetery; we should have thought of that. For a few months, we have been worried about opinions on the Moselle Prefecture’s methods, which clearly does not hesitate in disturbing the sleep of the dead by ‘cleaning’ a cemetery of animals who are not welcome. Nothing justifies these methods while alternatives exist.

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In December 2022, the Moselle Prefect authorised the 'testing’ of deer inside the Saint-Avold American cemetery. We therefore published an article, and the Prefecture guaranteed that these animals would be trapped and not killed. In the meantime, hunters were unleashed with the finesse that we know from them: “We would never kill animals in a cemetery!”, “these people know nothing”...

It is now clear that we were right to be concerned. On 17 August 2023, the Prefecture published a decree authorising ‘administrative shots’ on wild boars inside the cemetery. We are impatiently waiting for the reactions from those who oppose us. Perhaps we can explain to them that ‘administrative shots’ absolutely do not mean ‘killing’, but are simply about starting CERFA forms...

In any case, we are calling once again on the Prefecture: why kill animals while alternatives exist? Why not strengthen fences? Let’s understand: it is vital that the cemetery’s grass stays very green, and it is undoubtedly easier to clean up spots of blood than to put back a few clumps of earth dug up by wild boars.

No rational explanation, and more proof, if any is needed, that State services have definitively adopted hunters’ logic. No matter the situation, there is only one reaction: killing animals.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

Maxime Lambret
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keria | Friday 08 September 2023

Honte à notre pays ! Si on n'agit pas pour s'opposer contre eux, les chasseurs continuent de grossir leurs réseaux et de poursuivre les massacres ! Donc pression sur l'Etat pour qu'il se convertisse, prenne des mesures concrètes contre les chasseurs plutôt que de laisser-faire.

Nicky | Sunday 27 August 2023

Tant que les hommes penseront que leur vie est plus précieuse que celle des autres êtres vivants, le monde souffrira

Isaline | Friday 25 August 2023

Abominable et minable !!

Patricia | Friday 25 August 2023

La plupart de nos élu.es sont des humains bas du front et on connaît la définition. Laisser massacrer pour se faire élire c'est leur devise !