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Kenzo was killed with blows from a club!

An ordeal of unrecognisable violence. Kenzo, a little cat who loved to walk in his garden, lost his life in late January under the blows from the neighbour’s son-in-law.

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Kenzo shared for eleven years a life with a discreet couple, this tiny cat barley just two kilos.

On Monday morning, Kenzo's owner hears a noise coming from the hedgerow adjoining the two properties, ranting accompanied by the barking of the neighbour’s dog. The owner leaves his house and approaches the hedge. He sees his neighbour hitting the hedge with sticks. Asking the neighbour what was happening, he gets a vague answer from him even though he seems to be moving away.

A few minutes later, with a bad feeling, Kenzo's family returns to the hedge, the neighbour is back, continually hitting something. In reply to their questions, he answers that it is a rabbit that he is hitting. It is then that they see this individual dispose of Kenzo onto a pile of wood while holding it by the tail.

When eventually arriving at the vets nothing could be done to save Kenzo, whose head had almost exploded under the blows. The next day, the murder weapon will disappear up in smoke, burned along with the rest of the pile of wood ...

The neighbour was relentless when he was hitting Kenzo with his club and of this under the barking of his dog, the same barking that usually drove him away. But yesterday, he could not escape the cruelty of this man. A few minutes of stalking and brutality that probably must have seemed like hours ...

Our lawyer immediately filed a complaint for acts of cruelty on behalf of One Voice, SPA Loire Atlantique, and the family of Kenzo that we provide our support. For Kenzo, justice will pass.

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Chan Chan | Tuesday 06 March 2018

J'ai ressenti une émotion terrible à la lecture de cet article et ne peux pas comprendre un tel acharnement sur ce petit chat. Ce voisin est un psychopathe ! Il doit passer devant la justice et que le verdict soit intransigeant ! De plus en plus aujourd'hui, nos compagnons à 4 pattes sont victimes de tarés de la tête...

Je compatis à la douleur des maitres de Kenzo et partage leur tristesse que je mesure importante..... c'est bouleversant ....

Audrey | Wednesday 28 February 2018

Il faudrait que les mêmes peines soient appliquées à ceux qui maltraitent et torturent les animaux qu’a ceux qui le font sur des humains !
Ne pas le faire est scandaleux ! Cela permet aux tarés qui agissent de la sorte de continuer à le faire sans être trop punis et c’est inadmissible !
Si un animal domestique appartenant à une personne ayant un poste important subissait ce genre de barbarie, je suis persuadée que la punition pour l’auteur ne serait pas la même !!!

cookie | Tuesday 27 February 2018

il est fou, à enfermer, justice!!!!

marie | Tuesday 27 February 2018

condamner cette personne qui a tué d'une violence sans précédent ce pauvre chat qui ne faisait que passer pour se promener.