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Just appointed, the Minister of Ecological Transition and Solidarity is committed against the birds

Just appointed, the Minister of Ecological Transition and Solidarity is committed against the birds

Mis à jour le 09 October 2018

The new minister of ecological and solidarity transition, François de Rugy, has just adopted 10 decrees authorizing the trapping of birds that use old fashioned methods from the past. One Voice attacks these cruel and outdated decrees. Hunting is a deadly problem, which we must fight!

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Legally endorsing cruelty to animals

Recently introduced to his new post, François de Rugy signed with his own hand 10 decrees that allow the trapping of birds using nets, wire cages and glue, before having a vote on the law concerning these traps. The pitfalls involved here create stress, create injuries and can even be fatal. Small tits or finches, break their legs, and have the feathers torn off! The minister legalizes these poaching techniques that cause incredible suffering... What eagerness on his part!

We have already denounced these techniques for their cruelty, which make no distinction according to the species, which furthermore damages the most vulnerable individuals. In 10 departments, this represents nearly 150 000 birds targeted and sentenced to death (not counting the other birds or the collateral victims of these heinous traps).

Why aggravate things for birds with such horror, the difficulties for birds is already hard enough?

Birds are already disappearing before our eyes. Of course, they have natural predators, but let us agree that it is humans who cause the worst fate. The massive overuse of pesticides is obviously one of the main causes for their disappearance, creating food shortages in our countryside’s - there are not enough insects to feed them. Add to this that they are the first victims of deforestation. The noise, the pollution and the night lights of the cities, there are so many difficulties to nest, to communicate, to breathe. Their survival and that of their young is all the more precarious. Above all of this, they are also hunted with rifles - almost 9 months of the year, and die by the hundreds of thousands!

One Voice denounces these decrees and brings them to justice!

transition role, perpetuating cruelty and archaic hunting techniques! We are going to attack these ministerial orders one by one and whose only plausible explanation is the link between the government and the hunters' lobby.

Please sign our petition and come to the united rally for a radical reform of the hunt on October 13 in Paris!

Julia Mothé
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J.N. | Saturday 27 October 2018

Espèces à protéger!

sandrine | Tuesday 16 October 2018

Merci de ce travail, pour contrer ces arretes, et garder une partie de notre nature deja si vulnerable

pauvre humanité | Saturday 13 October 2018

Les êtres humains n'aiment ni les animaux, ni les végétaux, ni les minéraux. Quand ils auront tout détruit, j'espère qu'elle aussi disparaîtra, c'est mon souhait le plus cher. Pauvres politiciens, vous êtes tellement inutiles. Si vous avez des enfants et petits enfants, vous pouvez dès aujourd'hui leur annoncer la bonne nouvelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justine | Thursday 11 October 2018

On dénonce la chute démographique catastrophique de la biodiversité en France, l'état des écosystèmes et l'urgence de la situation, mais non, les politiques ne font pas le lien entre l'environnement en déclin et la pression "économique" et de "tradition" des lobbies ...
Faites comme si on n'était pas là, et que c'était pas votre faute si on est dans une situation aussi critique. Après tout peu importe, ceux qui en subissent les conséquences directes et sont en premières lignes, ce sont les oiseaux ...