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Jura, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence: One Voice is coming to the rescue for wolves against prefects

Jura, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence: One Voice is coming to the rescue for wolves against prefects

Mis à jour le 22 March 2023

Between mid-December and the beginning of January, seven prefectural decrees were issued approving simple defence shots against wolves in Jura and the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, without making reference to any specific analysis to prove the need for these measures in the cow farms concerned, contrary to what is required by law. One Voice is filing a plea requesting the cancellation of each decree. While waiting for these hearings on the merits, the Association will be present on 8 February 2023 at 10am at the Besançon Administrative Tribunal and the day after at 10am at the Marseille Administrative Tribunal to try to get them urgently suspended.

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It is a very far-fetched prefectural note that the Jura and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence Prefectures have pulled out of their hat to authorise these shots against wolves on 19 December 2022 and 3 January 2023. According to the document from 28 June 2019, some herds would be ‘unprotectable’ in nature, and their owners could therefore be allowed to kill wolves to protect them without having carried out a preliminary analysis, simply because the farm animals in question are bovine. The problem: this law contradicts a ministerial decree that well and truly obliges farmers to establish the non-protectability of herds on a case-by-case basis. So without differentiating between cows and sheep.

As we have in other cases, One Voice has filed an emergency suspension interim proceeding. With continual laws authorising shots, the decrees do not sufficiently demonstrate the existence of a risk of significant damage for the farms concerned in our opinion, do not make reference to any analysis carried out case-by-case, and they exonerate farmers from implementing protection measures.

Clearly, the primary — and real! Why are we even asking? — goal of these decrees is not to protect the herd animals, but actually to kill as many wolves as possible! Does the state want to exterminate them? Can they not find other ways to help farmers and calm their irrational fear of a population who, for the most part, has never seen any wolves living freely? Beyond the tragedy that this will represent for wolves and their ecosystem, incidentally can we really continue to believe that their extinction will help farmers to face up to their difficulties? Wolves’ impact is ridiculously low. All herd animals are destined for the abattoir…

There were tens of thousands of them in our country in the Middle Ages. There are just 921 wolves today and their species is still not viable. As proof: they are classified as vulnerable. However, each year, the number of wolves that humans are authorised to slaughter increases. We already reported this to the State Council in 2022, a year in which the government organised the massacre of 118 of them. This year, 174 could be killed. Two of them already have been as recently as mid-January. Rather than assassinating them en masse, the authorities must find alternative solutions and be pleased about the presence of these great predators in our country, who play an essential role in the ecosystems as well as being sensitive, intelligent beings with socially complex lives.

One Voice is requesting an immediate suspension of the six decrees authorising simple defence shots issued by the Jura Prefecture and the one issued by the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence Prefect. It is already scandalous that, under false pretences, wolves get shot completely legally. We can no longer allow this massacre that violates the law to take yet more victims.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Katarina | Thursday 16 February 2023


Béa | Sunday 12 February 2023

Une véritable chasse aux sorcières organisée par des Préfets à la botte de la FNSEA et de tous ces foutus éleveurs qui ne cherchent en aucun cas à protéger leurs troupeaux de manière efficace, mais de recueillir des primes pour leur bétail soi disant attaqué par le loup !!! Un conte du "Petit Chaperon Rouge" revisité à la mode du 21ème siècle....
Le loup est protégé donc il ne doit y avoir aucune autre alternative que celle de les laisser vivre en paix !!!

JP | Thursday 23 February 2023

Vous insultez carrément les éleveurs qui nourrissent la France ! Vous n'en connaissez donc aucun et regardez ce problème tranquillement depuis votre canapé on ne sait d'où, mais sûrement loin des zones où l'on rencontre ces problèmes.

Sissi | Saturday 11 February 2023

Les loups comme les ours comme chaque année sont accusés de tout et du pire !!!! Il y a des années que ces absurdités perdurent ...stop !!!
Ils sont condamnés et tués avant même d'avoir commis quoique ce soit !!
Mais le raisonnement humain est tellement stupide, nul, injuste etc...
Les loups comme les ours 🐻 ont été déjà décimés aux siècles passés et à grand tort, mais on continue à l'heure actuelle !!
Ils font très peu de victimes et malgré ce que les menteurs d'éleveurs et autres racontent ... C'est lamentable !!
Arrêtons ces atrocités et massacres. Même les patous dérangent, font peur et sont érradiqués...alors qu'ils sont d'excellents gardiens. Il faut juste les observer et comprendre leur rôle essentiel de chiens défenseurs et protecteurs de troupeaux, mais là encore on préfère les touristes qui font n'importe quoi, à l'importance des chiens patous et autres

galadriel | Friday 10 February 2023

De plus il y aurait une appropriation de nos forêts et une revalorisation de nos espaces naturels avec une création d'emplois non négligeable et une décentralisation des grandes agglomérations par de l'achat immobilier qui ne perdrait plus sa valeur en étant laissé à l'abandon.........