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Jumbo needs us!

Jumbo needs us!

Mis à jour le 20 March 2019

For three years we have been publicizing the desperate case of Jumbo. Many towns and villages have seen the truck which holds this amphibious hippopotamus, ignoring his pain and suffering. But we have never lost sight of his suffering or stopped our actions. Today, our pressure on the Muller circus is at its maximum. Join with us by signing the petition to release him!

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The miserable life of Jumbo

The darkness of the inside of a truck, the incessant noise, time which stretches on and on, the loneliness, the inadequate food ... That's his life. Three years ago, when we started our investigation about Jumbo, we noted his time out of the truck: 30 minutes a day. To be lightly sprinkled with water from a garden hose, drinking and then to be photographed.

Jumbo is presented to the public as "the largest hippopotamus in Europe". His routine after the show is to be paraded in front of the customers and their children, this serves to ensure the show continues. Without this photo shoot, he would never get out of the confines of his truck.

Faced with this situation, we seized the services of the Prefecture and lodged a complaint for ill-treatment.

A swimming pool was opportunely assembled during the inspection by the authorities

Like all amphibious hippopotamuses, Jumbo should spend his days in the water, to relieve his joints. If the circus stays in the same place for more than 3 days, which is almost never happening, maybe it would be possible for him to swim. Because the "pool" dedicated to Jumbo needs to be put together and then be filled, the water must be heated and after swimming, emptied, dried, dismantled and stored. In other words, this is not done often enough!

In August 2017 as part of this appeal an inspection - whose circus had been warned upstream! - took place. The firefighters had been called to fill the basin with the communal waters so much needed. Who can believe for a moment that they are solicited at each installation of the circus? The height of cynicism, the inspection had nothing to say about the conditions of life of Jumbo, and we had been rejected.

Three years of investigation, meetings and legal proceedings

In August 2017, as part of this appeal, an organised inspection took place – the circus had been notified upfront! Firemen had been called to fill the pool with water from the community, as much as was necessary. Who would believe for a moment that this would be the case every time the circus stops and sets up camp? To add to the cynicism, the inspection found nothing wrong with Jumbo’s living conditions and our complaint was rejected.

Our complaint of ill-treatment against the circus holding Jumbo, filed at the same time with the prosecutor of Valencia is still ongoing, supported by many factors and expert opinions.

Animals held in circuses who have become sick or who have lost their minds due to living conditions which have contributed to the psychological and physical suffering. We have asked the Ministries of Agriculture and Ecology to cancel the 2011 decree regulating the detention of animals in itinerant circuses. Our demand is unanswered, we appealed to the Council of State, which ruled ... and has upheld the order.

Faced with violence, we were able to flee, but not Jumbo

On September 2, 2018, just over a year after the sad anniversary of our battle in court to have him urgently rescued from the circus. It was difficult for us this day to place right in front of the Muller circus, at the location authorized by the prefecture. We were attacked physically by an extreme force of aggression, treated to blows and a hail of stones. But on this occasion, we were able to go home, find comfort with our loved ones, when the captive animals of this circus and especially Jumbo, remained at the mercy of the trainer.

We will never give up Jumbo

Following the aggression towards our team, we suspended our gatherings and reinforced our investigations and the monitoring of this circus along with the accumulation of evidence. The reports from our investigators are edifying.

As we did for Maya and Lechmee, please sign the petition to remove this hippo from the circus, so he can live in a sanctuary. To live a true life of a hippo and all he needs in terms of care and well-being, safe from exploitation!

Julia Mothé
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Against all odds for Samba, the last ‘circus’ elephant, whose suffering has broken the State’s indifference We will defend the animals from the Franco-Belge Circus before the courts.

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Lele37130 | Tuesday 08 October 2019

Comment faire pour que nous comprenons que les animaux ont aussi une vie, qu'ils ont des sentiments, je ne sais pas si on va le comprendre un jour...

Stéphane | Monday 06 May 2019

Il est temps d'interdirec définitivement les cirques avec animaux en France, qui est bien en retard par rapport à certains de ces voisins...

L'Angleterre vient de faire passer une loi pour interdire la présence de cirques ambulants sur l'ensemble de son territoire :

La France devrait prendre exemple...

Tiphanyfav | Saturday 13 April 2019


diegodjo | Tuesday 26 March 2019

quand on pense qu'il pourrait tout casser s'il le voulait dans sa souffrance!
il n'y a vraiment pas que des lumières parmi les humains... tenez moi au courant s'il vous plaît, cet animal me fait vraiment de la peine! merci encore pour tout ce que vous faîtes en prenant souvent de gros risques!