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Judgment of the killing of Olympe by a hunter

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Today continues the judgment of the hunter having suddenly killed the mare Olympe in her own field and declaring having confused it with a wild boar. One Voice filed a complaint on January 24, 2018.

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The hazards of a deadly shot during a wild boar hunt

On January 20, 2018, three hunters were engaged in a wild boar hunt in Valflaunès in the Hérault. During this abominable hunt, one of the hunters entered a private enclosure and fired his wild boar hunting gun. The size of the animal killed did not surprise him at the time, he realized too late that it was actually a mare, named Olympe.

Olympe was resting peacefully in her field in the presence of another horse, before being mistakenly targeted by a hunter. She had been living with the same family for 16 years, who are very affected by her sudden and brutal death. The bullet hit her in the neck, leaving her in terrible pain.

Hunting, this "leisure sport" is threatening all forms of life

Being able to leave the area of the hunt and then enter a fully fenced off field to finally confuse two animals of radically different proportions, brings up many issues related to security during hunting. The number of animal and even human victims implied by this obsolete practice is absurd.

The owners of Olympe already feared for some time that such an accident would take place, since it is not the first time that hunters entered their private land. Anxious that the worst might happen, they had repeatedly warned the hunters of Olympe's presence and the proximity of the field with the houses. The second horse is fortunately safe and sound.

Nothing could prevent the hunter from entering the field where Olympe was, before cutting her down in a barbaric way. Once again, the sharing of land during the hunting season has shown its limits and has revealed the cruel and destructive consequences of hunting.

Preserving animals in their environment

The petition launched by One Voice aims to provide a radical reform of the practice of hunting in France, until it can be banned completely, in order to better protect all animals (victims and accidental victims) and participate therefore in their indispensable safeguard within nature.

For Olympe, but also for every victim killed, we must ensure that no more animals fall under the blows of Man, merely for profit.

Join us in this request addressed to the President of the Republic and please sign!

Claire Walder
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trochu | Friday 05 October 2018

Je suis très choquée de constater que la France compte "une armée entière" de chasseurs soutenus par le chef d'état, et tout cela ne joue pas en faveur de ce pays qui ne peut se prétendre "grand, beau et civique et moral" bien au contraire, la majorité des français sont contre la chasse et souhaiterait qu'elle soit définitivement interdite. Je n'ai jamais aimé la chasse ni les chasseurs se pensant tout puissants et supérieurs avec un fusil et n'apprécie pas du tout que de tels personnages osent se prétendre être "les premiers écologistes et amoureux de la nature"..... c'est grotesque et déplacé car lorsque l'on aime réellement la nature et les animaux il n'y a pas besoin de se promener avec un fusil et tuer d'autres ETRES VIVANTS QUE SONT LES ANIMAUX, qui comme eux et comme nous tous ont envie DE VIVRE ET NON DE MOURIR. Je suis très attristée par la mort de cette paisible jument OLYMPE qui se reposait dans son pré et qui a été tué par un chasseur la prenant soit disant "pour un sanglier".......... Nous devons tous faire bloc et pression auprès des autorités compétentes et informer et sensibiliser les populations sur la chasse mais aussi face à cette toute puissance qu'elle représente ce qui est scandaleux et inacceptable car tout ce lobbyisme doit cesser.

Estelle | Friday 05 October 2018

Pour la fin de ces barbaries!!

Gaulois18 | Friday 05 October 2018

Vraiment confondre une jument avec un sanglier : lui faire porter des lunettes ! On devrait lui enlever le permis de chasse à vie. Donc c'est un chasseur qui tire pas à vue mais au bruit C'est vraiment dangereux

Dedes54321 | Friday 05 October 2018

Abolition de la chasse et du permis de tuer, les chasseurs sont des dangers publics, et en aucun cas des écologistes
Il faut que la justice punisse sévèrement tous leurs crimes