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Jo’s death

Jo’s death

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Abandoned in the pouring rain with a broken pelvis, without food or water, Jo spent the weekend in pain. Well he was going to die anyway wasn't he? One Voice has filed a complaint.

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The circumstances surrounding his death would probably have gone unnoticed if the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) didn't share a wall with the incriminated abattoir. Jo, as One Voice has named this calf, experienced a complete disregard for his suffering, with authorities only being alerted thanks to the vigilance of an SPA aid worker. But how many others in France undergo similar tragedies, or worse, because of a lack of witnesses?

Jo fell. He fractured his pelvis when getting out of the lorry that brought him to the abattoir. He hadn't travelled far: local produce, organic, meat sold in blocks of kilos to individuals, far removed from the wholesale distribution networks. The illusion of a perfect life… But no one managed to get him on his feet again. In a case like this we end the suffering as quickly as possible don't we? No, not on a weekend! He ended up waiting until Monday, nearly two days! Two days unprotected from the October rain, cold and incapable of moving on the rough ground, without bedding, water, food, or even a tarpaulin to provide him with some form of protection against the elements…

Despite requests from the SPA to the manager of the abattoir to allow the SPA vet to intervene, Jo suffered, with the manager eventually telling them to mind their own business. Why? To save vets fees? There must be a good reason to leave an animal in such a state, surely?

Jo is no longer in pain. He was anaesthetised on the Monday morning before being slaughtered. His meat will not be sold. The manager of the abattoir is being accused of maltreatment and One Voice has filed a complaint, hoping that Jo's plight will be recognised and severely punished…

Following the recent scandals surrounding abattoirs, the minister for agriculture has announced that these mistreatments will no longer be considered as simple offences (that are punished with a fine), but as penal crimes (to be judged before a tribunal). For One Voice, this measure is completely inappropriate, the objective clearly being to reassure consumers, allowing them to continue eating meat without stress. But the fundamental reality is that abattoirs remain environments of unimaginable cruelty.

A study conducted by One Voice in twenty-five randomly chosen abattoirs has revealed the same barbaric practices. Can we really be humane, ethical and compassionate in an environment designed to kill? In our Western society we conceal and industrialise the slaughter of animals to the point where we ignore the reality. What generates this slaughter…? Consumption.

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Cécile | Thursday 30 April 2020

Pauvre cœur. Elle a connu la barbarie humaine. Elle avait un cœur et une envie de vivre comme nous.

MF | Thursday 30 April 2020

Je soutiens l’association pour le bien-être et le respect que nous devons aux animaux. Arrêtez la maltraitance animale, des animaux encore vivants au moment de la mise à mort, des veaux enterrés vivants car ils ne servent à rien et j’en passe... Je trouve ces méthodes tellement écœurantes que je ne mange plus de viande du TOUT et je sais que de plus en plus de personnes en font autant de plus en plus.

Orni | Wednesday 29 April 2020

Je n'en peux plus, j'en pleure tous les jours. J'ai vraiment mal pour les animaux souffrants !!! Eric

Lolita | Wednesday 29 April 2020