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International scandal concerning greyhounds

International scandal concerning greyhounds

Mis à jour le 28 April 2018

Greyhounds are fine, thin, muscular and fast dogs. For this reason they are exploited by humans, especially in Great Britain, for "racing sports" (greyhound racing, hare racing ...). Many gambling events are organized around these animals, and constitute a very profitable industry for the organizers, breeders and trainers...

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As if that were not enough, when greyhounds are no longer likely to be a source of profit by competing or breeding, they are sold to the highest bidder. British trainers say that their dogs are exported to countries that are friendly towards them.

It's absolutely wrong! The reality is that these distinguished dogs are sold in China and Pakistan, where they are abused, turned into meat, and then eaten! The circle of horror is complete!

Kerry Elliman has rescued several hundred of these noble animals, scrawny and sick, on the verge of their last breath, she denounces these actions. "I've seen videos where the dogs are boiled alive. I saw a video the other day showing a meat cart with boiling water - the dogs still alive were in the water. We could hear them screaming. "

We can still identify dogs on the spot, since they often have tattooed ears.

This is an international scandal, on a large scale! An unspeakable massacre.

One Voice takes a stand alongside the British greyhound racing defence associations,

  • Against the breeding and training of greyhounds for racing, which is often very violent and trying;
  • Against hare coursing with greyhounds, as it is a violent and ruthless practice;
  • Against selling dogs to countries that do not respect animals! The British law on racing and animal exports must change, (failing to succeed in China).

A demonstration for the defence of greyhounds is organized in London on January 28th! To echo this, we will gather to raise the voice of greyhounds in Paris the same day, place des Vosges at 2.00 pm.

We invite you to sign the petition.

Julia Mothé
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Pietra | Tuesday 30 January 2018

Je signe la pétition

Lou | Saturday 27 January 2018

On ne peut pas lutter pour la préservation des animaux et tolérer le contraire! L'AMOUR POUR TOUTE LES CRÉATURES VIVANTES EST L'ATTRIBUT LE PLUS NOBLE DE l'homme!!il faut que ces actes répugnants envers des êtres sans défenses cessent!! Le système peut et doit fonctionner envers les ANIMAUX qui sont sans voix mais qui ont droit à la protection d'une loi.

Barnabé | Saturday 27 January 2018

Quand va t on réagir face à une telle cruauté ????

nicole | Friday 26 January 2018

Allons de l'avant avec foi et positivité ;le temps est venu