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Outrageous: a circus exhibits a baby tiger at the end of the school day

Outrageous: a circus exhibits a baby tiger at the end of the school day

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In Sète, at the beginning of last October, a circus exhibits at the end of a school day a baby tiger; a way to promote their circus show. It is very difficult for young children to resist a cute animal that is like a stuffed toy animal and it seems as harmless as a kitten ... Should we really be outraged at this kind of practice? One Voice answers Yes and challenges the prefect of Herault! Explanations are needed.

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The weaning period of a tiger, do you know?

In its natural habitat, a tigress hides her cubs for the first fifteen days until they are able to see and hear. It takes the newcomers a hundred days to reach the end of the weaning period. In no case should they be separated from their mothers. Unfortunately, in view of the photos circulating on social networks, the baby presented to the public at the end of school classes, was far from having reached this period of development. And even so, a young tiger is not an object of curiosity and has no place in a street!

Torn from his mother, the health of the baby is in fact questioned. Our concern is great, knowing that many births have been recorded without knowing the fate of new-born’s ... We demand transparency from the circuses via a right of access to the register of entries and exits of these lions and tigers.

The Prefect of Herault challenged by One Voice

In addition to a copy of the register, we call on the Prefect of Herault to suspend the certificate of competency for this circus. This document is especially given to circus owners for "the breeding of animals of non-domestic species other than game". It can be removed when the welfare of the animal in question is not assured. Impossible to affirm, knowing the needs of a baby tiger, and that the circuses must guarantee the good health of the animal.

Baby tigers: a marketing tool for circuses

Enticing children so that they push their parents to go to a show is a renowned marketing technique that the Circus owners master rather well!

After such an exhibition, how can you refuse your child an outing where they will be sure to see an animal as cute as a baby tiger? We will try to help you. Even if the comparison between a kitten and a baby tiger can be easily made, remember first that the latter does not purr but roars. Furthermore, a tiger born in captivity or not, remains and will remain a wild animal. From the first months of existence, the latter shows predatory behaviour.

A study was conducted on 12 tigers more than two years old born in captivity, then released into their natural habitat, most of them were able to hunt antelope. Their hunting instinct is intact even though all they had known was the captive life ... Is it really necessary to maintain children’s perception of wild animals the same as soft toys or as their companions in everyday dogs or cats? We do not think so, especially when we know the living conditions of these poor animals ... And this is certainly not the way children ought to be taught respect for wildlife.

One Voice’s fight: circuses without animals

Young tigers are unfortunately not the only victim of this circus: Jumbo, the hippo lives in an appalling condition. Its biological and physiological needs are not respected.

Let us refuse together to participate in animal abuse, exploited for the entertainment of humans. Continue to sign the petition so that there are no more animals exploited in circuses!

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Against all odds for Samba, the last ‘circus’ elephant, whose suffering has broken the State’s indifference We will defend the animals from the Franco-Belge Circus before the courts.

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MARTINE | Saturday 06 January 2018

Lamentable et cruel. On se sert de ce pauvre petit innocent en le retirant à sa mère pour attirer les familles au cirque. Familles qui malheureusement se précipitent dans ces horribles spectacles ridicules pour amuser les gosses. Si tous ces gens là n'y allaient pas ces cirques barbares n'existeraient plus.
Le maire et le préfet auraient dû interdire cela. Mais j'habite moi-même l'hérault et rien ne m'étonne plus sur la cruauté faite aux animaux dans ce département. On pourrait parler des corridas d'une cruauté sans nom qui fleurissent partout ici.

Joëlle | Saturday 06 January 2018

Il est temps que la France suive l'exemple des autres pays européens qui interdisent dorénavant les cirques avec animaux. Allons-nous être les seuls ou les derniers au lieu d'être moteur ?

line | Friday 05 January 2018

Effectivement, je trouve cela honteux d'exhiber ce jeune tigre à la sortie d'une école pour attirer les enfants. Par contre, méfiance il ne faudrait pas que le bébé soit retiré de sa mère, car là le mal serait encore pire.

Cat | Friday 05 January 2018

La cruauté humaine semble malheureusement inhérente à l'espèce pour ce qui concerne certains, elle devient redoutable pour ses victimes, quand s'y ajoute la bêtise....Quel niveau de connaissances et de conscience faudra-t-il atteindre pour qu'enfin cesssent ces pratiques ?