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In the area of Maurs, we finish off horses well here

In the area of Maurs, we finish off horses well here

Mis à jour le 04 June 2020

One of the most important horse fairs in France is the scene of countless acts of violence. The animals who are sold there for meat, often after years of loyal service, are subjected to ill-treatment before being sent to the butcher's shop. An utter outrage! We are filing a complaint with the association of Les Sans Voix d'Eden and we claim that horses get the status they deserve: that of pets!

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They gave everything to humans. Some have spent their lives in the hands of individuals for company and leisure. Many have exhausted themselves in equestrian centres and horse clubs, forced to walk, trot, gallop on command and to jump over obstacles as big as they are terrifying. Many have sweated without flinching and have broken their bones while towing extremely heavy equipment. Others, conversely, still young, have suffered from lack of exercise: they were raised only for meat, and they had to be fattened up. All these horses, whatever their age and their case, are now used up, "at the end of the race" and find themselves on the same path: that of the largest equine fair in France, the Maurs Fair, in Cantal.

Abuse as a reward

It is here that, having become "useless" no longer able to be exploited that they are sold by their "owners" before resuming the road that will lead them to the slaughterhouse. This "event" has been going on for 50 years and our investigation in 2006 revealed the unbearable condition of horses, mares, fillies, foals and also donkeys, passing through this town. After sacrificing themselves, all their lives, these animals are not only sent to death by the very people they served, but even worse, abused! A new survey by the association Les Sans Voix d'Eden shows that nothing has changed in more than a decade and that the cruelty still continues at this gathering!

The last whack, just for the road

Video documentation had been filmed on October 24th, shows that some equine keepers still engage in repeated acts of gratuitous violence. Crowded one on top of the other, after exhausting journeys of hundreds or even thousands of kilometres, the exhausted, thirsty, frightened, jostled, sometimes injured and untreated victims also receive ... unjustified beatings on the spine, the belly, the head! Kids, sticks, canes, feet… everything is good to add to their state of stress and suffering before their final trip.

Give thanks to the horses!

It's revolting! We cannot allow these devoted and sensitive animals to be brutalized without the slightest consideration or gratitude. They are subjected to real ill-treatment while for them the death knell sounds ... while sellers and buyers get rich on the backs of these poor animals! To put an end to this scandal, we are seizing the matter legally and filing a complaint with Les Sans Voix d´Eden for acts of cruelty to animals.

Furthermore, we are claiming pet status for horses so that these faithful companions of humans are better protected from their drifts, just like dogs and cats. No more horse will end up butchering to be eaten, this will greatly limit their exploitation. Help us in this fight by signing our petition!

Marie-Sophie Bazin
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Isabelle | Sunday 06 September 2020

MAIS ce n'est pas possible !!!!
Je pleure de rage quand je vois ça !!!
Que ces messieurs et dames du gouvernement regardent ces vidéos et les montrent à leurs enfants et petits enfants pour leur montrer ce qu'ils laissent faire dans notre pays "civilisé" !!!
Que ces "hommes" soient poursuivis. Ils ne méritent pas d'aller dormir tranquille ... On sait maintenant que ceux qui commettent des actes de cruauté sur les animaux le font aussi sur les enfants, les femmes, les plus fragiles qu'eux, non ? Agissons !!!
STOP aux violences sur tous les êtres vivants !

christiane | Saturday 05 September 2020

Mais comment peut-on encore se comporter en barbares vis à vis des équidés qui ont tant donné tout au long des siècles ! il faut repérer ces tortionnaires !

murgod2018 | Thursday 03 September 2020

La façon dont ces ânes et chevaux sont traités est tout bonnement immonde, ignoble, abjecte.

Béa | Thursday 03 September 2020

C'EST MONSTRUEUX !!!Ces maquignons barbares doivent être identifiés et traînés devant des tribunaux pour actes de maltraitance et de cruauté envers nos très chers chevaux...La loi doit être définitivement changée pour que les chevaux soient considérés comme des animaux domestiques. L'hippophagie doit être définitivement abolie !!!