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In response to the rumours about the upcoming release of Maya

In response to the rumours about the upcoming release of Maya

Mis à jour le 27 June 2018

After all the legal actions, rallies, ... that have been found in the forum written by Corine Pelluchon, we have had information since the end of April, which we chose not to divulge so as not to compromise the future of Maya.

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We must wait, we are aware that it is long. Unfortunately, the release of Maya is absolutely not certain. We commit ourselves with the support of the signatories from the forum, to do everything possible to ensure that the circus respects the law in the shortest possible time.

If Maya were to be released too late or worse to die in the coming weeks, she alone would symbolise all of the country’s failures, with regard to animals. The law is not being enforced.

Rest assured we continue to work with all our might to get Maya transferred as soon as possible away from the circus. Other actions are planned.

Please continue to sign and share the petition!


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Justice for Jon, Céleste, Patty, Hannah, and Marli: hearing in Évreux against the Cirque de Paris Against all odds for Samba, the last ‘circus’ elephant, whose suffering has broken the State’s indifference

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Claudine | Tuesday 22 May 2018

Bravo et merci beaucoup pour votre action en faveur de ces animaux

Nicky | Monday 21 May 2018

Les politiques de "tous bords" n'ont jamais eu le courage de se battre pour les
animaux et encore moins avec ce nouveau gouvernement.
Quant on pense que Monsieur MACRON voudrait remettre à l'ordre du jour "la chasse à courre" comme à l'époque de la Monarchie !!! on croit rêver.
Les générations actuelles ont principalement comme exemple la violence des adultes pour ne citer que les rencontres sportives.
Le respect de lFaites respecter la vie des animaux qui eux se battent surtout pour survivre et manger

.0 Apprenons Pensez, Messieurs, aux enfants qui voient dans les adultes surtout de la violence alors que le respect de la vie passe aussi pas celle des animaux

GENNY | Monday 21 May 2018

abbiamo tutti il diritto di vivere in liberta'. anche gli animali

sésé | Monday 21 May 2018

Et les propriétaires veulent nous faire croire qu'ils aiment leurs animaux!!
Maya n'est que le reflet de tous ses animaux maltraités dans les cirques.

C'est incroyable que les politiciens n'accordent pas d'importance à la souffrance animale.